Random Encounter - Grand Theft Auto

Danny robs cars and hunts Hare Krishnas in this random encounter with the original Grand Theft Auto.

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Random Encounter
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I actually remember a fair bit of this game :)

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this game, i played the demo for arounf 4 months, which only had 255 seconds to play....then the game i played for 3 years on and on

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0:14 - MGS FTW!!

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Danny I just want to ask you a favor. Please please please smash the mac book with a hammer and throw it in the trash!!

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Great classic! I've wasted weeks of my life on this.

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Fun game but too unforgiving with no saves to speak of (unless you happened to stumble on a church in the middle of nowhere)... I got tired of having to start from the beginning every time I played and then start all over because I died from tripping on the sidewalk or something. Series didn't get interesting until part 3.

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I remember playing the demo of this on PC and using the time hack to get past the time limit.

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you can get this and gta2 i think from rockstar for free via an email but my god the controls were so godamn awkward i gave up after a few hours

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@ 6:00

"Is this a cemetary..? Yeah... :-) Sorry..Sorry! Sorry bout your loss!. Sorry...Sorry... Im sure he was a lovely guy... God bless, God bless... Excuse me... Looking for a paint spray.."

Had this game on PSX. Good times :-)

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For anyone that wasn't around at the time this came out... i couldn't begin to explain how insane the whole idea of this game was! It wasn't like nowadays, when somone puts a FPS in a new theme and it called "Original"... This was so Original it was (and imo as a series still is) in a league of its own!

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@blakeney And it was scandalous... Acting as a criminal, running over innocent people and shooting around deliberately. Even if they were little pixel guys it was too much for many critics.

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Anyone remember the burp and fart from GTA2?

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Sweet memories, I still have the original game disc somewhere on the bottom of a box. Long levels without saving drove me mad on some occasions.

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See how well you can do in war z. That game is such a piece of garbage that it is just hilarious to watch.

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in its day

there was nothing as awesome as the freedom gta gave

when gta went 3d in 2001 with gta3, that was the pinnacle of modern gaming(easily)

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@TheZeroPercent Yeah I remember playing GTA3 for the first time in a toy store.. I was like omgggg. Also had that feeling when I played Mario 64, Ocarina of Time and Metal Gear Solid for the first time. The switch from 2d to 3d was incredible.

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These are actually good graphics, I remember it looking much worse on my college PC

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I loved this game...

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Play Doom?

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@capper64 sure, sounds good. But only with this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wk47lLArxX4

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@dannyodwyer @capper64 hahaha this is cool xD but for real Danny, it would be awesome if we can see Doom on the next Random Encounter =D

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Am I the only one that found this game equally frustrating as it was fun? It's a blast to jump in and mess around for a bit, but shooting a target was finnicky. You also couldn't see ore than 10ft in front of you because of the zoomed in camera. Hey ho, good memories though!

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@e5115271 No you are not. I too had those issues, but considering what else was on the market in '97. I easily overlooked them.

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Well I guess I got a better understanding of this series; how about these game suggestions: Space Invaders Infinity Gene [2009] and Kirby's Return To Dream Land [2011]

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Danny rocks!!!!

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Can't wait for the F.E.A.R. highlights.

Danny O'Dwyer: Slain by a fire extinguisher.

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gonna get that

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really don't like the editing. Would much rather have the full show.

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@Scalper http://www.twitch.tv/gamespot/b/360195253

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@Scarab83 @Scalper Thanks for the link

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@Scarab83 @Scalper Nice, how do you find these?

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@Logixyz @Scarab83 @Scalper They have a whole bunch of them on their twitch.tv account.

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lol the RC car kill frenzy. man this was such a good game.

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Just mad, how seeing some roads he was driving down and remembering them like it was yesterday.

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FYI FOR EVERYONE GIf you want to play this or GTA 2 just google it and rockstar is giving them away free from their website!!!

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Good times :)

And nice to see you finally have your own video section.

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can i still watch the whole recording of this somewhere?

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@bielzabob You can watch it here: http://www.twitch.tv/gamespot/b/360195253

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@Skulker87 @bielzabob cheers Skulker, keep on Skulking :)

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oh god this takes me back, loved the animations you got as cutscenes with that fat ugly guys telling you to **** off. hehe

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You should play severance. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Severance:_Blade_of_Darkness) It was "the awesome" back then.

Thanks for the mafia episode, it prompted me to d/l and play mafia II, which was short but sweet.

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Why spend all that time aiming with the tank? Just use the cannon as a rocket boost and run them all over muahahaha.

Thanks for the memories Danny. Now do Syndicate dammit xD

A few things you could do in syndicate: Use your persuader tron on the entire town (I always did that). They'll follow you like your own provate zombie army and if they have guns they'll fire when you do (you can drop guns for them to pick up).

Stop to let pedestrians pass then run them over.

Make the cops chase you on foot then double back and place a bomb in their car -> Wait till they drive off and then watch the fireworks.

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Oh man! This brings back memories! I remember the fastest vehicle in the game is the "Jesus Bus" as me and my friends used to call it. It is slow to accelerate, but I don't think there is a top speed to the "Jesus Bus".
I love how you get points for dying aswell :p

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"Kiiiilllllll Frrrenzy!!" Ahhhhhh man I forgot all about that! :')

Totally installing this on my laptop when I get home.. Good times!

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Dear God, this brought a manly tear to my eye. Did I say tear? Disregard that. I had something in my eye. I wasn't crying. No, Sir.

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I Loved this game. Was 1st game i had on a demo!

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can someone tell me where to watch it live when danny is actually playing?
and the timings too?

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@masadwi 4PM GMT / 8AM PSD at Twitch.tv/gamespot

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@dannyodwyer @masadwi great! thanks

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