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The new DLC adds a new weapon, the nail gun. There are three ammo types: nails, rebar, and rails. You can pin enemies to the wall with the rebar and kill enemies through walls with the rails.

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The wingstick seems to be the strongest weapon in the game.

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Haha Nice presentation

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Good and Cool Weapons , Really Beautiful Animations for guns in first pickup ! :)

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Seriously underwhelmed by this walk through of Rage's weapons.

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Might get it later idk i cant wait for skyrim and this just looks ok,

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Mine is the BFG. Period. Hell yeah!

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good show guys!

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I've found quite a few tiny references to DOOM and Quake in this game. Firstly, the Doom marine bobble head is in the Buggy that you get a lift in from Hagar at the very start. Also, there are a few secret items in the game called Pinkies. And when you pick them up, a sound of the pinky monster (when they spot you in that game) from DOOM is made. One last thing I found out, is an item called the "Authority Augmenter". Think back to the Quake series when you pick up a "Quad Damage", and think about those noises (that alarm-like sound) that it makes when its close to running out and when a weapon is being fired. Well, the Authority Augmenter makes those noises. Oh, and the quick use item has the Quake Symbol when it is used. :)

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Oh i`ve missed the BFG-9000

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yeah their review is lame... this game is addictive, beautiful, violent and the a.i. is friggin intense... a must have in my oppinion

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man Just got this game yesterday, and after reading these reviews idk waht they where talking about, I can't get enough of this game, straight up shoot em up game, i've been sorta following the story line, and i have to say, idk if there is one but it's ok and i love driving and how u can customize the vehicle.

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Wingsticks AAAAAAALL The way!

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Dont get me wrong i loved this game but i am too critical, i just love getting lost in my games (total immersion). And your so right when i wasnt looking for it, i was having a total blast..PS3 version

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Whoever is playing this in the video is not a very good shot...

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Wingstick is best for normal enemies and my favourite.

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@LeoLex_ You must be playing the pc version if you think the texture pop-in is "game ruining." Because on the consoles it is nowhere NEAR that bad to ruin the entire game. I'm playing the Xbox version (installed) and if I'm not looking for it and just enjoying the gameplay, I hardly notice it, let alone ruin the entire experience. So you're either having a real bad experience with the pc version, which I sympathize, or just overly critical.

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shootgun my fav.

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MW3 commercial got me all giddy at the begining

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dont have a fav gun yet, seems you have to use them all in missions which is fun and different. No more one gun for every situation. Lovin the spider bot though, has to be my fav.

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what about the double barrel sawed off shotgun?

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WIN: Dark Souls.

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john carmack, you sir are mozart.

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Great show! Although i'm watching it after I finished the game to avoid spoilers :)

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Awesome video. And the Wingstick wins with absolutely no competition from me. Those things are so much fun! One of the best items/weapons in recent memory.

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Wow Chris Waters, you have redeemed yourself! Yay gun show!

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PC gamers and their funny little machines ... so anti console and so juvenille. Their rage shows their age. I do believe they've surpassed PS3 and Xbox fanboys in their defiant protection of their crumbling empire. PC Gaming? Who needs it.

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The Gun Show is one of the only episodes in Gamespot I care about and you can see why.

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Gun Show always manages to be funny and entertaining throughout.

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wind stick?

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FantasticCommentary/10 SCIENCE MURDER!

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Agreed with Devilslayer76, Shotgun and Sniper Rifle got me through most of the game, found the authority assault rifle more useful at the end to tee out the authority mutants, well that and the BFG/minigun

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If you have problem with aiming, don't play fps on console !

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I use the combat shotgun for close encounters and the sniper rifle for those hard to reach enemies, great weapons to use in the wasteland.

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I have seen two hour movies this year with less laughs than this most excellent almost 8 minute show. Kudos.

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Great video. "alright buddy, catcha later" Massive lol.

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Excellent, entertaining video Chris, well done!

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Needs a knive!

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Can I just be picky and say the wingstick (or triple bladed boomerang gamespot have called it) in fact only has 2 blades on it. As the 3rd part you hold. Just sayin'

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Haha, I like the "G" in the Gun Show logo too.

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I love the wingstick

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1.44,1.46,1.49,1.50 Fail Shotty I must say :p

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All you need is anyone gun and wingsticks, just max out advanced wingsticks and your set for the game

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No need so many guns. Machine guns for bandits and prime soldiers. Rockets for big boys. Snipers for sneaky long ranger. Shotgun for LAME HOPPING MUTANTS. Grenades for cowardly prime shield soldiers. Well, stock up plenty ;)

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Very entertaining. It makes you want to play the game again.

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BF3 next??

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BFG!!! Now I'm getting this game >:D