Quoted for Truth: Episode 4

Our weekly video game news discussion show with John Davison, Brendan Sinclair, and Tom Mc Shea. Topics: New Gears of War at E3, PS4 due in 2013, and more on this week's Quoted for Truth.

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Quoted For Truth
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I had no idea my saying would be this huge, it's amazingt!!!!

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The original endings of Mass Effect 3 was not an artistic risk. You only need to play the game to see the gaping plot holes you could drive a military convoy through that were not present at ANY other point in the game except in the last 10 minutes. They ran out of time, period. The endings were so bad and nonsensical that I was prepared to NEVER purchase another BioWare title and every time I tried to play through Mass Effect 3 again I was stopped in my tracks with the looming knowledge that I would be facing the ending again and it sapped my interest completely. Them releasing more complete endingscan only be good.

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The hotspot needs to come back, this is not enough.

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So I guess this one has tanked. Can we get the HotSpot back now? Even if traffic would have increased in the last months, fidelity is going ddddaaaaooooowwwnnnnn!

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Where is the new Quoted for Truth, why is this not up on the YouTube channel yet, and why doesn't Quoted for Truth have it's own page on Gamespot yet?

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@kedj E3 happened to QFT ;) Trust me there will be an episode later today (Friday June 29th)

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@Synthia I've watched it :D What about getting a dedicated page for the Show?

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my comment got mentions XD

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Will there be any sort of podcast type recap show during e3?

a HOT feature like that would really hit the SPOT...

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@Yukeshime haha I see what you did there.

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I've never purchased a console within a year of it's release. I don't plan on changing my ways any time soon.

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amazing how Bredan Sinclair keeps implying that there was not a single internal programer (minority group of programmers) working at these companies saying "no that choice is a stupid idea". But their boss at that company was in love with that stupid idea. So he squashed/stomped on their opinion and he placed that stupid idea into the final game.

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Dudes this the INJUSTICE league is the total opposite of Justice League, it's a different universe where they are the bad guys, so this game makes total sense why they are fighting each other. There was even an animated movie about Injustice League where the Lex Luthor from Injustice League Universe comes to ask aid from the Justice League Universe, because the Injustice League Batman is figuring out what planet is the Multiverses centre, so called the First Universe and mess with it somehow, so the Injustice league can control the entire Multiverse.

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This is a good show and all, but I still prefer The Hotspot! With live calls! Get Kevin and "The other one" in as well. Hotspot out!

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I believe that Epic already announced that this will not include the original characters. I remember reading somewhere that the original cast is done and that this new one is most likely done by one of the studios that Epic has acquired.

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DC weak story, am convinced

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So when you all critize choices, it's okay, but when others do it, it's not? How do you know it wasn't the devs original idea to put the flashlight on the armor, but couldn't? When devs take criticism to heart, and change games for the better, it's not a bad thing. Your gripes seem to be whose idea it was. When devs start changing things because the random game reviewer whines about it, then we're in trouble. Until then, play what you like. Ignore what you don't.

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@twztid13 critisizing is something different then making em change it!

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@Minasodrom @twztid13

What is the difference? ME fans decided to criticize Bioware for the misleading statements they made about the 3rd & final game in Shepard's story (said Bioware). What did they do different thanpeople that criticize other issues in gaming? Their collective voice was louder because it was a LOT of people, but they can't control the actions of a developer (meaning they can't "make em change it").

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You are not understanding. The ONLY difference between legitimate criticism, and whether or not a game gets changed, is ENTIRELY up to the developer. The person that criticizes is okay if the devs of the game he finds fault with do nothing. If that same person has the exact same criticism, and that developer listens to it & changes the game, that person is bad. Very flawed, imho.

The short point is, the gamer that criticizes can NOT change the game. Only the devs can. You want to be mad cuz people have opinions, then you will be mad forever. Take your frustrations out on the devs that change stuff, not humans, who inherently have opinions on games, and are willing to voice them.

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@twztid13 the difference is that they helped children to change the game ending. that goes way beyond criticizm imo. when they develop a game they should learn from past mistakes and not tangle with their finished creation. at least not in that fashion that it feels forced!

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PS4........It won't do everything?? Playing or running physical media is important. My PS3 is at the center of most of my entertainment because of this. It's more mobile than my PC and is higher end than my laptop. From HULU to streaming vids or watching Blu-Ray in 3D, it does it all. I have all gaming systems and an high end gaming rig, but PS3 is my favorite because it really does everything without finicky software/firmware, sound issues and hacks. May not be a master of all but a jack of all. And what about the potential of the Blu-Ray media and games? :(

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ps4 fail

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anther lie says There is PS4

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Did this idiot just say that Marvel VS. Capcom 2 (which was only a dream match, no endings, and not even Win Quotes... WTFFFFF) is "so lined on story" ???

Boy now I know why I stopped taking seriously Gamespot game reviews... Most of the reviewers are either naturally high or they just don't know what they're talking about... As a matter of fact, the MVC (Mainly 1, 3, and Ultimate 3) series had the most WTF storylines, and you just play it for the sake of fun.

And MK VS. DC actually had a very decent storyline that made sense, based that both the worlds consist of different realms and dimensions (compatibility). MVC series never even bothered explaining how Ryu ended up meeting Wolvering, or how Dante ended up fighting Dead Pool.


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New Gears is stupid. DC Injustice will be good. These guys calling MK 9 without Fatalities a clunky fighter is ridiculous. The fighting is fun and smooth. Doom 3 will be BETTER with a mounted flashlight. The whining over the change by Brendan is foolish.

Not every game will be COD because ID and Bioware decide to listen to their fans. FYI... I liked ME 3's ending but I don't have a problem looking at it again.

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QFT needs an audio only version

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Brendan, how do you manage to both work at Gamespot and do play by play commentary on Hockey Night in Canada?

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F$%K I'll have nighjtmare with tha PS3 baby(again)Good video guys,nothing else...oh,I almost forget,I think DC Injustice will be great,the new Cyberpunk RPG too but i don't have a lot of faith in new Gears of War...

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F$%K I'll have nighjtmare with tha PS3 baby(again)Good video guys,nothing else...

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final fantasy 25th

december 18, 1987

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Another great show!

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I agree with one thing, A new Gears is way too soon. I mean here epic had a chance to grow, why fall back to " oh it those guys that make gears". I am even looking more forward to fortnite after hearing this.

Also it not like people where asking for a new gears.

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It seems that People Can Fly is doing most of the development, not Epic. I agree it's too soon, as I have yet to play through part 3, even though I bought it day one (but I did sell it :P).

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All I care about is games I don't care about new consoles and I hope PC games steal the show.

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PC games steal the show? HA! what? in graphics? and thats it!

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@RitsukoEX yeah steal the show just like most analyst have been saying it could due just that.,Console fanboy

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Whoa haircut

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GOW is just probably THE BEST third person shooter of all time

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Well Silicon Knight's failed... I just hate that nothing was done with MGS Twin Snakes with the MGS HD Collection...

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I agree with them that Sony makes the best first party games, and I hope the PS4, whenever it comes, has backwards compatibility.

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Don't you think that complaining about fan response (and the POOR response from Bioware to EXTEND the ending rather than retooling it) is silly considering that the ending completely smacks in the face of the diverse endings of Mass Effect 1 & 2. You speak of abandoning artistic vision, and yet don't seem to realize that the outrage about Mass Effect 3's ending, was that it had none. I agree with you completely about Doom 3 and the flashlight being changed, but not about ME3 at all.

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You guys really have to change the intro/outro music. :|

Other than that, great stuff.

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Highly disagree with Brendan Sinclair on Gears of War having a 'shallow story with no substance'. The stories in the games are very linear, but the characters themselves do develop and offer interesting stories to tell for themselves. Sinclair mentioned that he read the first story arc of the comics (#1-6 I believe), but that gives him no right to offer a 'final' and 'concrete' opinion of the Gears story. Especially when the novels (I've only just finished the first one myself) offer an immersive, and emotional story that really exposes the characters and introduces their pasts while retaining the familiarity we have grown accustomed to. The story of Gears of War is far from shallow, and there is plenty of substance that can be used (whether you or I agree on it being used is a completely different argument) for creating new stories for future games in the series.

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It's baird in the cuff's and onyx guards escorting.Not guy's in glowing masks

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@jinkaytm At the time this video was made, I believe there was no news confirming that it was Baird (I believe that news came out today or late last night). But I do agree that "guys in masks" comment shows a tad bit of ignorance.

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Some people just don't understand that this isn't a Mortal Kombat game... I'm a Mortal Kombat fan, and believe it or not, I accept this game for what it is, a DC Fighter. And what is up with these guys hating on Mortal Kombat? Did they even play the new game? Did they not try it competitively? Or maybe they should do what street fighter done and pump out the same game for 25 years with slightly revised graphics.

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Gears of War will make MS some money before the 8th generation hits. That is all more cash for MS. Still I'll play new Gears of war

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