Quoted for Truth: Episode 11 - GTA V Screens, Call of Duty

Pete Brown makes his debut with JD and Mc Shea talking GTA V, Call of Duty, and all sorts of politically incorrect stuff on this week's Quoted for Truth.

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Quoted For Truth
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They really ripped the fun factor out of GTA IV with the shit driving mechanic and lifeless gameplay - I hope they don't screw this one up. They pretty much tore out all of the fun stuff out of GTASA and then gave us GTAIV -Woeful effort.

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Umm... I clicked GTAV and a picture associated with it, and somehow I'm here. That's kind of naughty. I want to see GTAV, not a web show.

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Yes, Rocking the Vote seems pretty stupid, but anything else would be extremely polarizing and obvious. At the end of the day this game might have some redeeming qualities in the fact that it could provide exposure for a younger demographic to vote without pushing for either candidate.

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Please we need it to be as epic as or more than San Andreas, GTA IV did not have 1/4 of gameplay possibilities of San Andreas.

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@kilirm Agreed. Although personally GTA IV will have to do one hell of a job to top Sleeping Dogs. Graphics shmaphics.

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GTA4 was supposed to be a toned down serious version of the series, it didnt want to be an open free for all playground like SA. They pretty much said so when they announced GTA 4. However im hoping it will take the Vice City and San Andreas aproach where each game gets bigger and more confident in adding features compared to the previous installment. GTA knows how to make running around alot of fun.

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God bless Rockstar.

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Guys, this is episode 11 and there's still no RSS or iTunes feed. oO

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Spec Ops didn't bomb because it's not a power fantasy. It hasn't pulled in the sales because there are too many options these days and gamers aren't willing to shell out $60 for every game. The industry needs to rethink it's pricing structure.

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Yes indeed. Beards FTW.

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Shooters need to stop having invulnerable sidekick characters. Yeah, Brothers in Arms had a great serious themes, but it still was disappointing to see teammates that miraculously recover from wounds. I remember how the original Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon games had characters who would be wounded or killed and it would seriously impact the game. However, those games had very little narrative. Why can't we have shooters where major characters are dead for good when they get hit?

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I never could get into GTA4, all this time I thought there was something wrong with me.

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@foxrock66 Neither did I! i kinda don´t like those types of games! started playing infamous and never finished it, looked stupid to me!

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How about Fallout 4 with varied environments/biomes? It seemed like F3 had a lot of the same textures and colors with little variety (granted it was a nuclear fallout). How about more of a Skyrim approach with geographically different areas throughout the map and some elevation. Maybe even a coast. Just variety in general.

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@snowSHO They could really use the coast idea in an awesome way. It would probably be like the ocean in "The Road", completely ruined. It could really help create even more of an atmosphere.

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I totally support any trend that takes GTA closer to San Andreas and further from IV. I mean, the further from IV and closer to SA the better. GTAIV has nothing on GTASA, except that it looks better, but it simply is inferior in every other element that makes a game.

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Putting GTA in the same sentence with CoD is sacrilege. GTA is a game with tons of freedom while CoD is 100% scripted and timed crap.

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@jagcivtec They're also in 2 different genres . . .

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@RTHKI Really? Oh, I didn't know that. Come on, there are FPS games that have tons of freedom (Far Cry). It's not a matter of genres, it's a matter of gameplay, CoD wen't with the "cinematic" approach, which is rubbish.

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@jagcivtec @RTHKI i agree, the guns and killing are cool, but playing an action movie, i don't really get into that too much. That's why i don't go out of my way to get any COD's. Ever since the first one set in WWII, it was the same way with linear missions and path.

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Will Gamespot featured content ever get it's own page I can find from the navigation menu? The old features page still exists but it doesn't have stuff like Gameplay and Quoted for Truth, and I occasionally forget to look for those things during the week.

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Day Z is an amazing experience.

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I agree with tom on GTA, I really did not like the last game. my favorite was vice city, I loved the 80's theme :P

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Brendan? Where is Brendan! I need you! The show is a mess without you. I miss you so damn much! I miss being with you, I miss being near you. I miss your laugh, I miss your scent, I miss your musk... When this is get all sorted out I think we should get an apartment together!

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@Sekhemket Well that seems like a normal response to the situation.

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@Polybren Not a fan of Anchorman?

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@Sekhemket You'll always be my Champ, Sekhemket.

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@Polybren I could of quoted this scene but then it might just come off as weird. :/


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Stop talking about GTA V is remake of san andreas...Are noobs guys? GTA III was on liberty city so Liberty city stories was a remake of gta 3? No it was a new game based on the same city! San Andreas was back to 90s and GTA V will take place on san andreas 2012-2013. A new game and a new city based on 90s one. Thanks.

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@VagelisXtremeGr I'm comfortable seeing it as a remake. They seem to be going back to the content included in S.A, opposed to the lack of it in IV.

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its gta 5 basiclly the remake of san andreas

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I don't know why people think Call of Duty has the best control feel/fluidity. It feels WAY to arcade-like and artificial. Real humans don't move or look around like that. It just has that feeling that you're skating on ice, and that your movement is not based on real human physics.

Now I understand that that might not work well in a game. Games like GRAW have tried that, and it felt clunky, but a game like Arma 2 did it fairly well. The best compromise between arcade and 'realistic' feel I've ever played was Rainbow Six Vegas. The gameplay was still arcade-like, but at least gave movement and aiming (not to mention ballistics) more weight.

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@Falzonn I agree. However, I think that's what some people like. Even I get into the mood to dust off my copy every once in a while, have fun for a few hours, then it sits untouched another month, and then a new one's out. I think people just want some mindless fun sometimes :)

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[Edit]: I agree that it is the secret to CoD's success. It's the control scheme most people seem to want. Combined with the 'addicting' unlocks they pioneered, and they have the two (imo) biggest elements people want in an online shooter.

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Why does some of the video game footage in this video have a crappy frame rate? One would expect a better job from you guys no?

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I thought the Obama vs. Romney game was making a subtle commentary on how bad they've been attacking each other this election season more than any other before it. But, I guess it's probably just as dumb as it appears to be. Also, I like Tom's idea about adding their positions on topics or some sort of important information to make it less idiotic. Or unless at the end of the game you could actually vote online (which we should all be able to do by now anyway),

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You need to do some thing about the intro music. It seriously does not sound very good and also troll face @ 0:19 :p

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Good luck to Studio Liverpool's employees. They were one of my favorite racing developers, and they were tech masters.

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fallout 4 neuclear winter, snow, chicago

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@shadow-crow That would be awesome, they could do some really cool stuff with that

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@shadow-crow I'd be down for that.

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Didnt Homefront try to pull off something along the lines of "look how terrible war is"?

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@Doomguard3 Homefront (like the up-and-comin' Red Dawn remake) pulled a, 'Oh we don't want China to hate on our game/movie, so we're going to compromise our artistic standards by making North Korea invade!' Which most everyone thought was stupid.

Any story teller worth his salt knows you don't bull#$% your audience if you actually care about your story.

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About the Fallout 4 thing, Todd Howard said he doubted they ever do a Fallout that was set outside of the US because he felt that the US setting was a huge part of the Fallout franchise.

I think it was Todd, might have been someone else.

Personally, I'd like to see some place more mountainous and snowy (yes, even despite having just come off Skyrim) like Idaho.

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Fallout 4. New York

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it's not just the graphics in Battlefield that make it have 30 fps, it's the size of the maps, the physicality of the vehicles and the way more intricate gunplay.

COD feels fake, Battlefield feels authentic, and i would rather give away some frames for extra authenticity and believability.

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@wizzzer_thy_133 I can't agree, alas i can't say CoD is better. I think it's all about taste.

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@gun4a_gd @wizzzer_thy_133 That makes more sense to me

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couldnt say it better