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ShoeMaker still works there??

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replace these guys please,they are a pain to listen to.not only that it appears this is the first time they ever touched a ps4.

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ps now is proof the ps4 is backwards compatible

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Can they make it so you can play games:

1 hour - $.50 (that's like hella arcade... would be so boss and sell soooooo many times)

1 month - $17 dollars (that's like enough to time solidly beat a game, trophies and all)

And have a place where you can buy the games on PSNow for like regular prices, but with each rental you've made going towards the sum of the entire purchase.

I think this would be like really good service I think.

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If this is the future of game pricing, I will be happy to see gaming die.

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if they can get the pricing for this service in a place where it makes sense I may have to finally pick up a ps4.

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So you can play old ps3 games? So bloodborne and uncharted 4 weren't doing it for you? Bloodborne is probably the one that will make me want a ps4 next year. This service is worthless to me sense I played most of the games I wanted in the last gen.