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I love how the boss just falls down. I thought the bosses in this game would have gory finishers, but nope, they fall down just like every other enemy. SOOOOO MUCH FUN RIGHT GUYS?!?!?!?

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Have just played the demo and this is seriously bad, I had high hopes as the PS3 could do with it's own Gears, but sadly it is terrible! The game feels slow, even when running, the cover mechinism is confusing, it's ugly with drab colours and uninteresting henchmen, really bad voice acting. Am now pinning all my hopes on Vanquish...

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Seriously don't know about this one. It's looking unfinished.

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A few new twists and turns but nothing so far has drawn me in yet. Not on my wish list.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Its Gears of war for ps3 owners. Im just gonna wait for Gears 3.

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This is complete fail, and a poor mans Gears of War, except with worse gameplay. that boss battle was pathetic.

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The explosion in the end was gay btw.

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Wtf? A Gears replica? Hmm Maybe it's gonna be it's replacement when Gears is gone yeah?

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the games i most like must be in it : graphics and Story And Epic Soundtrack

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yeah dont get me wrong im def gonna play it and prolly love it, but it looks ridiculously close to gears. even the roadie run. ha not a bad thing tho

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Oh, right its Gears of War because we all know Gears was the first shooters to use Doom style monsters.... Oh wait =^/ Anyway a good game is a good game, and this looks like a good game I will wait for the reviews and try the demo first before I think of buying it.

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gameplay is all that matters graphics are third on my gaming list

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bullet storm looks good but theres to much colors and it doesnt look fun at all every body shouldnt hate quantum theory its not gears rip off its gonna be its own game and it looks to be realy fun to play they delayed it to fix bugs in game but the one thing i dont get is why is the game not going to have a campaign co-op mode some could be the girl charichter that would be so cool to launch your buddy in for attacks. im getting this game any way it will rock any body want to add me or respond to my msg my psn is cazz78 i play all types of games right now im playing split second -blur - uncharted 2-and i also have bad co 2 and lost planet 2

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the girl is vary hot, but to much like gears ,but not nearly as good. they didnt show anoff of the game or story.what hell is this game about.i hope it has some nudity and crazy volience and dark story line .cus this cant compare to gears.anime stly.

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Bad VOs! EW! The graphics and gameplay are nice, like Gears of War on stims....... But honestly? The VOs suck! I'm getting Bulletstorm instead of this on PS3 sorry at least Bullet Storm will run just as good and look ten times better.

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gears of war's retarded homo cousin

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copy of gears of war I will wait gears of war 3 ...

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nice gameplay