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john carmack is the effing man

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That's pretty bad ass!!! Seriously, to those complaining this doesn't have anything to do with gaming....it's science. Some of the same science that powers our computers and video games. If you don't think this is cool then you're pretty damn stupid....just saying.

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Someone needs to be fired over this.

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For those who don't know, John Carmack, the brain behind id, is a rocket scientist.

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WTFdoes this have to do with doom 3?

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Uh... Cool.

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Cool Rocket demos but I want video game demos!

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Oh, come on Johnny boy, seriously do you have to show this off during Quakecon?

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what does this do with gaming

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misleading title ...

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what did I just waste my &^%& time on ?!

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Should have called it Union Aerospace

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Oh! Now I have a better understanding for the series...

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Pretty cool, but not what I was expecting :P

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ahh whats this i want my time baack!!!! dont lie on videeeos!!!!

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I want a new Doom.

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Maybe change the name of the video, GameSpot? This has nothing to do with Doom 3, 4 or Rage.

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Me parece muy interesante pero y que paso con Doom 3, todos los vídeos son así, prometen una cosa y salen con otra? Saludos cordiales

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This is bullsh*t!!!!

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What? They think we're dumb, this said it was a Doom 4 update, but it said Doom 4 Video Feature 3 and it doesn't even have one thing to do with Doom 3 or 4! This pisses me off, I want to see Doom 4 or I won't trust id Software. They're liars, OH WE'RE SHOWING YOU IN 2008... oops sorry we we're lying, we'll cheer you up next year... 2009 WE'RE SHOWING YOU IT NOW!... sorry, lying again.. wait until next year... 2010 WE'RE NOT SHOWING YOU IT BECAUSE WE LAUGH AT YOU BEGGING TO SEE A COOL GAME.

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WTF, nothing to do with Doom, nor Rage. I want my 9 minutes back.

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where is the game this website is called GAMEspot not ROCKETspot

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Not sure why they have put this video here. But it is interesting to see what John Carmack does in his free time, investing his own money into space flight research.

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Carmack is going to hell........@mars..... issent it obvious

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pretty good graphics can't wait to play

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I am so confused

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wtf has this got to do with Rage.

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This is Rage apparently. Graphics are awfully realistic :p

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I think this video needs a more appropriate name, and may have to be de-coupled from the Rage game page. I am alright with placeholder directories and names for videos such as this one, but videos of miscellaneous nature like this ought not to be placed under any game if it doesn't even concern any. Also, the placeholder name, if it is indeed one, ought to have been better thought out. Anyway, I notice that those rockets do not appear to tilt when they eventually fall. Those are some really good stabilizers that Armadillo has installed into them.

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Poor video quality, one of the worst audios I've ever heard on Gamespot... And it was linked as a game update for Quake3... WTF?! Gamespot are you spamming?

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What exactly is this supposed to be and why was I linked to it?

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This has nothing to do with Doom 3 or even 4 so why in the world is it labeled as such