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theyve been workin on this game. at e3 easily game of the show, and im gonna have to wait agonizing months 4 this game... I WANT MY RAGE OR ELSE IM GONNA GO ON A RAMPAGING RAGE!!!!!! :)

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I have been waiting for a very long time for this game....hurry!.

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OMG , SO looking forward to this game , i can say that i am more excited fot this game to be realeased more then DIablo III ( hope they do realease the game ONLY after they finnish it because i dont wanna be desapoited ) , and after millions of interviews i heard the word i was looking for : "MULTIPLAYER" \:D/ , i enjoyed and replayed over and over again Borderlands , Fallout, Bioshock and this games are the ones that we the players enjoy to play , recognise it :) . I have must hoppes for this game , GO go ID / EA .

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I am really looking forward to what they will bring to the table with this game. They are taking a much different approach than normal, however seem to be using the experience gained from other games of the same type to better their own. And THAT, my friends, is how you make a kick ass game.

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i dont care if its mixxxture of fallout 3 n bioshok __ i loved the fallout 3 n bioshok am gona even love rage more -__ a foookin must buy

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That buggy reminds me on Half-Life 2 ;) Rage looks damn awesome and beautyfull!

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Its not a Fallout 3 knock off cuz this project was started before Fallout 3 was. So who knows... maybe this will be even better (which is unlikely).

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Btw, it's totally ridiculous to compare all upcoming games with the post apocalyptic future setting to Fallout 3!! Give it a break!!

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Woow, what is this dudes problem? Where did he learn to talk?

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fallout 3 sucked rage looks sick

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this game seems like a fallout with balls, less adventure more shooting. I am really looking forward to this one

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@fallout fans: "omg! its similar to another game!!!!11!!1" you are influenced by everything around you. it would not be surprising at all if people at id were influenced by fallout. who cares if they use the same foundation as fallout (hero emerges from underground to find a post-apocalyptic earth and fights some oppressive force) as long as its got a good story and good gameplay.

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id is a good game developer, so to follow fallout 3 with a new twist isn't bad. I would expect more from a company of this degree. I also look forward to the gaming experience but hope it is more than a spinoff idea from some other game.

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@matt fallout 3 just set the bar for FPSRPG's Rage and Borderlands both looks great.

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*cough*fallout 3*cough*with vehicles*cough*

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looks col, defiantly something different from id, finally...looks like an interesting world to explorei may have to pick this up... once it's out...

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Everyone is just talking crap about Fallout fans and saying that the only thing in common is the post-apocalyptic setting but you have to admit that what he said sums up Fallout 3: a guy living underground who escapes to find the world ruined with society strugling to get back on its feet, dominated by some opressive regime who he has to fight...but seriously, if the game is as good as the videos and the interview make it seem we may have a really great game in a near future.

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For all you people going on about gameplay vids... the graphics are exactly the same... there is a vid on here somewhere of them driving a car... go find it.

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what song is that in the backround? is it a song? lol Rage and Borderland look awsome!! is the shooting like KOTOR or fallout 3 shooting? or more like COD, or mass effect? im still kinda confused bout that..

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oh my crap! stop comparing rage with fallout 3! the game (rage) looks sick

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Ya know?

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Did anyone, ya know, happen to, uh, ya know, count how many times, ya know, Tim Willits said, "Ya know?" Some of the, uh, ya knows, were, ya know, pretty obvious, but some of the other, ya know, ya knows, were, uh, little itty-bitty whispery ya knows. Ya know? Yeah, YOU know. By the way, uh, Tim... Uh... ya know... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, MAN! Holy schmit, this games looks awesome.

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hmmm i like the idea of this but i don't like the way most of the video was cut scenes. I find that games that are promoted almosted entirely on their movie sequences tend to fail abit at release and get the feeling something is being held back. If you've made a great game, show the game. That being said, the concept is great and hell if it works i'll be buying it :D

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i don't now aaaa oooo eeeee i think it's complicated game.

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or more like Fallout 3 meets Fuel meets Mad Max? I hope its good, I have a feeling they might get lost in the detail and end up with a whole lot of nothing.

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Actually this reminds me more "Mad Max" and less "Fallout 3"...

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whats with the rave with the rage...cant wait for this cgs looks cool

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Fallout 3 with racing cars, sounds awesome

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It's more like THE Fallout 3 I've waiting.

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would you failout fan boys shut the f*** up and stop comparing everything to failout 3, this has been in development longer then fallout 3, its nothing like fallout 3 other then fact that is post-apocalyptic. RAGE!

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fallout 3 meets star wars (everything looks like a primitive version of tatooine)

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As mentioned by almost everyone here this sounds like a total Fallout 3 knock off.. But I'm still interested.. Can't blame them for following a game of the year like Fallout 3 was..

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why dont they just label it as an rpg and call it Fallout 3?

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Who thought they'd be clever to go down the page and -1 everybody? Anyway, this game looks sweet. id Software never fails to impress.

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you sure, post-apocalyptic's gettin' kinda boring !

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imma keep a close lookout for this game.im starting to get pulled in by this post-apocalyptic,life after nuke type of play its something different.

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Reminds me more of Fallout 3 actually. Big open post-apocalyptic world with non-linear structure. Always wished Fallout 3 had vehicles. Can't wait for this one!

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This game is very impressive. It kinda reminds of me of FarCry 2. Large areas of exploration, customization of character and story, and mini quests on the side of the main story. The basic concept of the game, futuristic, torn-down earth with a small surviving society gives me a great sense of nostalgia, kind of reminding me of the game Myst, the basic look of the environment. I am looking forward to this game and what it will be like.

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Fantastic interview GS!

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looks awsome

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seems like a fallout knock off

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I hope this game standouts and be a truly great game to play, they have had time to make it so.

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can't wait

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MULTIPLAYER yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa awesome races awesome deathamatches hope it come out sometime this year or announced at quakecon this year.

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I hope they'll release gameplay vids soon. It looks interesting to say the least thus far

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Will be game of the year whenever its out. Bout time a decent original game is released. Seems like forever.

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this looks awsome, kind of like mad max!

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Not much that I can see to compare this with Fallout3 except the post apocalyptic newcomer premise. This'll have raceing sections whereas Fallout3 is more about finding your dad, the karma choices and cool perks and VATS too. Both looking cool though if that's the similarity you want. I like ID and I like Bethesda-it should all be good, shouldn't it?

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