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Psychology of Prey - Could You Handle Being Hunted?! - Reality Check

(Produced in partnership with Bethesda) Cam and Seb dive into the psychology of Prey with Prof Mark Coulson and Dr Simon Watt.


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Reality Check
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Man, I pretty much stopped using to GameSpot after Seb and Cam left. Now decided to see what still happens here. Though I will visit good old GS for this years E3, and watch all that in here like in good old times. I was so surprised when I saw Cam here. I though hes back, to bad it was only few episodes, really miss Cam and Seb in GS. Atleast they are doing some content on YouTube.

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That was fantastic. So glad to see you back doin your old show Cam (no offense Lucy).

Gonna party like its 2013!

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If this is the final part of three where is part two?

I only see neuromods and psych.

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Gamespot should pay them to do this series like a sub contractor . I love them in this series ... I dont do youtube following

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Cam and Seb are back? Wow! That's great! Great show too BTW!

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@EliOli: Not actually. After they left Gamespot they started their own company called DoubleJump. Their work is sponsored content. Bethesda payed them to do a 3-part series on Prey.

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Admitt it, some of you headed straight out of GS website by the end of this video to google cuttlefish!

I just CAN'T be the only one...


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Noooo don't go Cam, it is the best show on Gamespot

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This website needs more Cam and Seb.

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Think twice before you buy. This isn't even a proper sequel to the original prey. It's important to note that Bethesda sicked their lawyers on an indie developer (a mere team of 3 developers) of "Prey for the Gods" for use of the word Prey. On principle alone gamers should be boycotting this game.

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@gregrout: So let me get this entitled prick rationale you've got going there. Being an Indie developer automatically makes you virtuous? Have you any idea about the video game industry and how it's fraught with stolen ideas, concepts, names and so on? Bethesdda has to protect it's IP as much right as that indie developer with their Assassin's creed/tomb raider/ shadow colossus ripoff should. I doubt they were trying to capitalize on that series just the concept, but still. Everyone should protect their ip's especially in that industry.

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@Janpieterzun: We're well aware of Bethesda's "entitled prick rationale" when it comes sicking their lawyers on indie developers. There's NOTHING to protect here. This is completely a wipe of the original IP (I have the collector's edition of that game). There's NO way in the world that someone would confuse "Prey" with "Prey of the Gods". It's a complete "dick" move on Bethesda to attack these developers.

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I think I could. I have experienced Mumbai traffic riding a motorcycle and lived :)