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PS5 Reveals Might Be Coming Very Soon | Save State

PlayStation 5 reveals may happen next week, Square Enix announces new trilogy of Dragon Quest games, and GTA 6 could still be a few years away.

According to a Bloomberg report, Sony has PlayStation 5 reveals on the way, as soon as next week. Whether it'll be focused on hardware, games, or both, is still speculative. In confirmed news, Square Enix announced a new trilogy of Dragon Quest games based on a classic manga series, but at this time has only been announced for release in Japan.

Rockstar plans to spend $89 million on marketing in 2023. What the promotion is for hasn't been confirmed yet, but it's very likely to be Grand Theft Auto 6. Lastly, Fast and Furious: Crossroads gets a summer release date. For all the latest gaming news stories, be sure to get your Save State every Monday through Thursday on GameSpot.

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