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PS5 Exclusive Game "Ooze" Leaks | GameSpot News

A new PlayStation 5 exclusive game leaks, Xbox might have a showcase in January, and get Dead Space 2 for free.

The footage has been archived and is unable to be viewed as of this writing. Dusk Golem stated in various responses to the footage that he has seen much more of it, and this leaked footage is a much earlier slice of the game than where it currently is in development, stating that the title has been fully voice acted and had music composed for it, which, yeah would hint at a game more ready to be announced than what the footage showed.

Xbox players, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you! You get some news too, as a treat. Namely, that an Xbox showcase is rumored for before the end of January. According to sources at Windows Central, Microsoft will host the Developer Direct showcase on January 25, a livestream of game reveals and updates similar to Nintendo's "Direct" shows and Sony's State of Play events.

Arkane's upcoming co-op vampire-hunting game Redfall is set to be in the spotlight, while Minecraft Legends, Forza Motorsport, and ZeniMax Online Studios content will also be featured.

All this should come as music to the ears of those who were disappointed by a lack of a presence from Xbox at the Game Awards. However, if you’re hoping for some news on Starfield, it isn’t time to celebrate just yet.

Bethesda’s next RPG supposedly won't be included in the first edition of Developer Direct, with the report claiming that Microsoft will instead be the focus of a dedicated and bigger showcase. So far, Microsoft has confirmed that Redfall and Starfield will launch in the "first half" of 2023, with Redfield rumored to be releasing in late May.

A game you don’t have to wait that long to play is Dead Space Remake, which is launching in a couple of weeks on January 27th. However, if you preorder the game now via Steam, you’ll receive a digital copy of the original game’s beloved sequel Dead Space 2, a title many consider to be an improvement over the original.

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