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I know this is off topic, but what is the song playing in the background?

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Bioshock Infinite by far..... Last of us is a good game, nice graphics, gameplay, history but.... Bioshock Infinite takes video games toan art form more deep and complex

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The Last of Us. The game was just awesome.

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GOTY should probably be between GTA5, The Last of Us, and Ni No Kuni.

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So, if The Last of Us beat out GTAV on PS3 and GTAV was GOTY on X360, wouldn't the logical choice for overall GOTY be TLOU? Maybe, the other platforms but not sure they would beat either of these games. At the minimum, between PS3 and 360, TLOU is on top.

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And again 7 of these 10 nominated games were best on PC...

Should be one of the three remaining: TLOU, GTA V or Ni No Kuni... ;)

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Ni no kuni and the last of us, the others dont belong here, and for me it was a tie between those 2, amazing games both of them

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gamespot, did you really give the last of us an 8? and rayman got a 9....

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I don't own a PS3, but I have played 7 of those games, with only GTA V, Last of US and Ni No Kuni that aren't available on pc. However I have watched an entire playthrough on Youtube (nowhere near the same I know) and my vote would go for The Last OF US by a long way with Bioshock/Tombraider in second/third (either way round).

Unfortunately GTA V is going to win this because as stated before it has just been so hyped on this site (and a few others) with its dedicated shows and constant ads.

Shame really I would have though that a truly deserving game would have won this and not something like that ( My personal opinion : I dislike all GTA games since the the very early ones even though they have all been good games)

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a lot of good games there but if the last of us does not win then there is something very wrong

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IMHO, AC4 is not a 9, it is almost the same as AC3 (gameplay, etc), will not even nominate it as GOTY. I am fan of the franchise but did not like AC4. Been struggling to finish it.

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Should be The Last Of Us 8/10? Well you're in the minority.

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Last of Us for me!

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I'm ignoring the review scores here, as the scoring, as I understand it, is the judgment of the individual critic rather than an overall editorial judgment like the end of year awards.

Of those I've played, I found Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, and Bioshock Infinite to all be great experiences. Of those, I'd put Bioshock Infinite slightly ahead of the others. The Last of Us has a fantastic story with a well drawn world and compelling characters. The gameplay wasn't quite at the same level. It was very good, but there were immersion breaking problems, the shooting mechanics felt a little mushy, and the early learning curve was pretty steep, especially the first encounter with infected. Tomb Raider had fantastic gameplay with what is the best combat engine I've experienced in a third person action-adventure game. The story was adequate, competently moving Lara from one set piece or open area to the next, but seldom outstanding. I never cared about these people.

That's why I'd put Bioshock Infinite a little ahead of those. It has a fantastic story, and it's a story that could only work in a game. The gameplay elements blended almost seamlessly with the story and it had some of the best use of diagetic music I've ever experienced in a game. All of the elements fit - story, setting, characterization, gameplay, voice acting, visuals, music, pacing.

I'd be happy to see any of those win, though. The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite are going to rake in the platform, genre, and character/voice acting awards all over the place, so seeing Tomb Raider win something somewhere would be nice.

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whats the name of the song playing?

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If The Last of Us doesn't win this, then we already know it's not going to get GameSpot's game of the year. It should really only be The Last of Us or Ni No Kuni here, though I choose The Last of Us. The other games deserve something as well, but not here. If anything other than The Last of Us wins, or even Ni No Kuni, it'll make it very uninteresting.

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@NTM23 It's most likely The Last of Us won't win here, here's why:

1. The last of Us is a contender for GOTY as well as GTA V for the PS3. If the Last of Us beats GTA V then it means the Last of Us should be GOTY and they're already clarifying that GTA V is GOTY for the last 2 months which is my #2.

2. They literally have been advertising GTA V via a show called GTA diaries to showcase things in GTA online.. why do they do this besides putting the time to go through various games instead of just one ? Well either 1, they think GTA V is that awesome that no other games deserves spots. or 2 they're promoting the game to what they feel is a safe pick for the over all users.

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Rayman but no Ratchet and Clank? Really?

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Bioshock Infinite

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The Last of US !!!

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The Last of Us has already won in my book. "Best single-player experience...ever" -Me-


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Why do they have so many multi-plats?

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If Bioshock Infinite wins for best PS3 title this would be a joke. I love Infinite because for a PS3 nominee C'mon. Just give it to The Last Of Us.

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it'd be a shame if The Last of Us didn't get this, but I can't help feeling GTA will win for the name alone. But the entire list looks great save for DMC, I wasn't a fan of that.

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Beyond: Two Souls isn't on this list? Really? Wow...

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For me GOTY has got to be 'The Last Of Us', definitely one of the best games I've ever played. GTA, Infinite and Guacamelee were brilliant, But 'The Last Of Us' left a lasting impression on me.

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Ni No Kuni, Bioshock Infinite or GTA V will probably get it for the PS3.

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I had a really good time with Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and Bioshock Infinite. Honestly I think they were all great games. Each with its own ups and downs, but generally speaking amazing games.

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@ashe540 agreed. It truely was a great year to be a gamer. Had a little of everything.

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Bioshock infinite was the only ps3 game I have ever returned to the store. It seriously sucked ass...

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How did Gamespot only give The Last of Us an 8?

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The Last Of Us should and deserved to win........It was a system seller and a great game overall

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Many of these games dont deserve to be nominated, There should only be exclusives on the list and not multiplatformers

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Multiplatform games should go away to there own cathegory!

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Good List strange not seeing Beyond Two Souls up there guess only tom liked it

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Come on Ni No Kuni

I bet The Last of Us will win this though.

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TLOU wins GOTY because:

1) Its good enough to be a system seller alone

2) The story is so good, thousands have watched the cutscene movie on Youtube who aren't even gamers

3) The game was tested and complete at launch (no bugs, meaning great production values by Naughty Dogg)

4) Its not a recycled game (GTA5, Bioshock, AC4....Im talking to you)

5) Voice acting and characters powerfully created true emotions in the player. We all cared at some point.

6) It has lasting appeal (years from now, we'll remember TLOU......not GTA5)

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I just saw they gave it an 8! That is insane, I don't understand how they gave gucamelee a 9 and one of the greatest games ever made an 8

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@ntippit TLoU wasn't perfect. It definitely deserves GotY, the story was great (especially with fantastic opening and perfect ending), the world was interesting and the whole thing looked amazing but there was some issues with gameplay. While combat system and balance was just right, gameplay itself was basically linear action rather than survival.

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@smokeless_0225 I think the Online MP is great still playing it to this day very different from others a real change of pace maybe the CoD and BF types won't like it but I love it.

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@igorphoenix @smokeless_0225 There were quite a bit of areas you could get past without engaging anyone (if the player was good enough). They only gameplay element I found ruined a bit of immersion was when your follower would walk right in front of enemies will you were in stealth, and would still manage not to be noticed. This was addressed as a game engine issue later by the developers. The story far exceeded the gameplay, as well as any of the minor issues, unlike other games like GTA, HALO, and COD, which are mindless. If I want to play a game with"good gameplay" alone, Ill go play Pac Man. No story needed there. Today's games should be aimed at a more sophisticated audience, meaning story should exceed gameplay always, as long as the gameplay is acceptable.

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@smokeless_0225 Agree with the first part, but in this particular case this kind of gameplay is somewhat ruins the immersion. For example the game often requires you to clear the location of enemies in order to proceed and it kinda kills the point of stealth. The stealth itself can be awkward at times since enemies completely ignore AI companions, and while I totally understand why ND made it this way it still ruins immersion a bit.

All this things hardly make TLoU less enjoyable but there's room for improvement.

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There is really nothing wrong with linear gameplay as long as the game itself immerses you in the story. Do people really expect every game to be an open-world? That would get annoying real quick.

I would give it a 10/10 because I literally think it's probably the best game I've every played. I'm also speaking about single player. If somebody gave it a 9.5/10 I would still probably understand...because the multiplayer experience (though it was pretty decent) left you wanting a little more. However I'd still give it a 10 because the multiplayer was just an added feature to me. They could've just made the whole game single player and I'd still buy it....twice if I had to, lol!