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PS Plus Vs Xbox Game Pass: Price, Features & Games Differences

Sony has finally announced its new version of PlayStation Plus, which combines PS Plus and PS Now into a single offering with additional, more expensive tiers available for those seeking extra benefits.

Let's compare it to Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass to see how the two popular membership programs in the console space match up.

After months of speculation, Sony has finally and formally announced the changes it will be making to its PlayStation Plus online service. Launched in 2010, PS Plus has offered free games, cloud storage, access to multiplayer, and discounts on items available on the PlayStation Store. Ever since Xbox launched Game Pass, its subscription service that allows players to download and play games from a rotating catalogue of titles, people have been asking if PlayStation would change PlayStation Plus to compete.

In this video, we break down the three tiers of the new PlayStation Plus: PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra, and PlayStation Plus Premium, and compare their pricing, the games available at each tier, and other benefits, like streaming PlayStation, PS2, PS3, PS, and PSP games. We also compare it to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate's offerings, which allows players to play on both an Xbox console and PC, as well as use xCloud streaming technology to play games.

The changes to PlayStation Plus will be rolling out in June 2022, for more on the changes to the service, as well as the list of the games that will be available, make sure you subscribe to GameSpot.