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So I say, they never release the game then.

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so EA

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omfg so lame

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They have got to be kidding. This was such a lame video. We didn't even see concept art. I want to see a trailer before i waste my time with more blurry videos.

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OMFG I really hope none of that guys games EVER reach the stores shelves... What a LAME f*cking dude with a LAME sense of humor...

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So lame! No wonder the game has canceled!

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is there any trailer yet? some stuff we can see somewhere? they tried to show some creatures but they blurred it.... on purpose i apparently!

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The worst developer diary I've ever seen. Maybe it's for good they cancelled this game in the first place, with these guys, it would be even worse that Conquest.

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Is this game still happening?

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I hate how they blurred it out. I hope for the camera operator's career's sake that that was meant to be like that.

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damn please make this game i seen some like gameplay footage and huts and stuff it looked AMAZING i was really looking forward to this game i hope they dont loose all that work

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I understand that they don't want to give away too much or if the images need to be copyrighted or something like that first, then do that BEFORE you show us blurry nonsense. Descriptions are nice but to not be able to see anything..!..you should have just told us about them while the camera stays on you.

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Until he started showing us these creatures/characters, I thought, "sweet! All developers need to be getting feedback from the gaming community while a title is being worked on...these guys rock." And then he's walking around showing us characters and all we are allowed to see are these blurry images so we can't see anything. So I ended up thinking, "is this a joke!?" Come on.

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Just make sure to add a lots of stats and freeplay stuff.I want to see all the kills in detail ive done troughout the game.I also want game where you dont level up in the usual diablo way , so most of the monsters are no challenge after a while you play it.And make sure the game doesnt suck :D

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make a good rpg lotr game !!!!!!!!!!!!

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EA you suck. I would love another game similar to Elder Scrolls, but you just don't have the genius and ingenuity to make a game anywhere similar. Guys, this is why this game was canceled, it was Two Worlds with hobbits.

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Here look at this monster that you cannot see at all and I'll tell you something incredably vague about it and you wont have a clue what I'm talking about cause you can't see it.... wtf

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This video is crap!! Huge waste!!

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WTF waste of time much.........

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wow..um..failure anyone?

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wow learn how to focus on the camra lmfao

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@merseylax You're crazy. This game would have been incredible, Conquest is a boring joke. They failed the franchise with THAT game.

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What was the point of that?????????????

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"On February 2, 2007, however, it was announced that the game had been delayed indefinitely.[2] This was said to be due to management problems.[3] EA worked with Pandemic Studios to create The Lord of the Rings: Conquest instead." WTF! conquest sucks.

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Stupid camera-guy....

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i aregree with nate these guys are working towards nothing conquest just came out and i came over it ITS AMAZING ITS SO EPIC any way why are they bringing out an rpg it will ruin the franchise ea dont have any idea how to make a rpg just do us all a favour let bethesta softworks take over and they will make an amazing game AM I RIGHT?

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EA have no idea how to make a rpg :)

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I feel so bad... Did they cancel this game or put it on hold? I heard the basicly stopped it for conquest...

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I want this!!!!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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just make's me not care about it can't show us nothing and not going to there web page

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well the artwork was obviously blurred so that the audience would have to support the site and actually go to it to see the artwork

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Is it just me or was there so much glare from the windows that you saw nothing of the artwork he was talking about?

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Did this game get cancelled?

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imagine lotr conquest except role playing that would be kick ass plus more spells attacks etc.

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This video was a complete waste of my time. i learned nothin

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Wtf! You have no idea if it's good or terrible! They did say forums for them to LISTEN to and act on

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I hope this game is good

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If this can top Elder Scrolls, I will be in heaven

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this game sucks