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2015 has been a great year for driving game enthusiasts, but what is the best car game to out this year? Danny & Andy clash heads in this debate on The Lobby.

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Good Video!!!! For me the DriveClub - is amaizing visual (rain, dynamic water on the front) & very good arcade (but this is not that game is simple... not simple), but very static. Rroject Cars - good visualization & very interesting physical model, game have the true racing spirit & awesome(!) engine sound (Audi GTR, or Mercedes E190 - awesome engine sound!!!!!!! Forza 6 (& Horizon 2 - too, NFS 2015 - is shithole!!! EA u are suckers) - very good raining weather - very interesting, innovation & good playable, good visualisation! All the 3 game is amasing!!!

(Sorry for my bad english)

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Driveclub now is the king of the hill, it only had graphics when it started but now it has it all!

I dont want to drive than to race, a realistic drive, on beautifull landscapes, without unrealistic jumps and rockets, just pure driving, knowing and enjoying your wheels, also respecting them, thats only depected on driveclub, so it beats everything on the mature audience.

Racers prefer to race on racing circuits and also be partly car mechanicks, where the difference is made on settings and upgrades, rather than driving, this is what project cars is and forza too in a lesser extence.

Forza is not that agressive though, it can be tweaked to your liking, so it has a gameplay edge and more chances to be fun for all. But as much as i liked Forza 4 and consider it the best driving game ever (with test drive unlimited)

its 2016 now and a reskinned forza 4 wont do...

Once you become accustomed with the level of detail, realism and beauty of the next gen games like PC, AC and DC you just cant go back to last gen. The forza horizon series is focused on the gameplay and open world demands sacrifices on graphics, but they have no excuses for Forza 6, it should be next gen and not just the car models, but the circuits too, they should wait one more year and launch it when its ready, yet they prefered to milk the forza fans with an annual release instead, for that alone its the last on my list...

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i was all over project cars on ps4 and recently got an xbox one and forza 6 and i honestly never thought id say it but side by side forza looks a lot better than pcars overall. the cars are a bit smoother and fuller looking than forza but jeez that smoothness extends way too far anything past the car looks bland and blurry next to forza, and the tracks are way more detailed in forza.

as for handling again i was all over the realism of pcars but after playing forza it actually suprises me how unrealistically hard pcars is. now forza's cars seem to let the rear end go pretty often but its saveable with delicate throttle control and good use of brakes but in comparison pcars is unsaveable to the point it just does not feel right, theres a point of no return in a slide that you simply cant pull back and its way way to early, any hint of a slide and its all over you may aswell not try to save it. besides this the rest of the handling model is pretty sound and they have been making worthwhile upgrades and tuning the gameplay well.

overall tho forza is such a solid game, pcars is sadly very buggy and in the overall presentation its poor.

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And yet still I prefer Driveclub to both of those games. Forza 6 is great and Project Cars is cool, but I still can't get into those games. Driveclub just feels better for me (not more realistic) and it certainly looks better (much more realistic).

P.S. Anyone who disagrees about Driveclub looking better is either blind or a scrub, and I challenge you to take better pictures in the other racing games to compare against Driveclub pictures.

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@SkaiNett: Yeap, i think the same! DC is not much more realistic more the others, but have simple drive & hot!

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Good points on both sides. It sounds like the rub here is that the high points of the two games are totally different; you're actually talking about two very different experiences between these two games. Andy correctly targets the user friendliness and forgiving, smooth "feel" of Forza, while Danny nails the simulation nature of Project Cars, and how it makes the player really understand the car, conditions, and feedback loops.

Good commentary on some great games. Thanks guys.

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Danny, you win that one. Anyone who plays racing games with a controller, not a wheel, should trade their WRX in for a Corolla. :p

Forza is an AAA arcade game. Project Cars is an epic driver's game. Anyone who has driven a 500+ HP car will know that they are often easier to crash than they are to drive ;) Project Cars feels like driving the real car, and each car handles differently. Forza feels like the arcade version of the car.

Forza has lots of amazing bells and whistles, but when we're talking driving games, realistic handling must come before everything else.

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Well Both are Great Games. I prefer Forza 6 due to driving assists so easier to get into and enjoy with my friends online than project cars. As I've got older my reactions aren't as good so the driving assists help me enjoy the game, plus when family are round the younger kids can enjoy it with all assists turned on.

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Neither of these games are sims!

the right answer is either Stock Car Extreme or iracing

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@lonesamurai1: Iracing has good graphics and the super realistic gameplay is fun and worth every penny.

Real drivers use iracing not Forza

those graphics are pretty damn good

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Where you at Gran Turismo?

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I bought project cars the day it came out but waited on to play it till i got myself a wheel because racing sim aren't meant to be played with a controller . Found a used kit just two weeks ago of fanatec csr forza wheel , ironic huh ;) and csr elite pedals all on a playseat nascar montoya rig for a very good price and all i got to say is that's the only way to really enjoy a racing sim . Game is hard and unforgiving when played on real settings and ai at max , forces you to really learn tracks and most importantly how to drive properly . All i'm earing from people who like forza is how it's eaasy to drive and forgiving it is, that my friend, is called an arcade game not a sim so two completly different games .

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DriveClub just looks all around better, and sounds amazing. both forza and project cars sound seem so fake. driveclub would be the best if there wasn't so much other buggy crap with it.

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I'm a sim racing fan going all the way back to the mid 1990's, here's my thought on both.

Forza series:

+ best career mode of all racing games, period.

+ Forza 6 is much more complete than Forza 5

+ Forza 6 not as DLC heavy as Forza 4 was

- still too arcade-ish with all assists off (drifting is pathetic and handling is too easy to manage even though some cars drive like they're on ice)

- static weather and daylight per track

Project CARS:

+ very close to real life car physics

+ dynamic weather and daylight time

+ helmet cockpit view

- still buggy but patches are still coming

- some key tracks are still missing hopefully more comes soon, some aren't even the same as the real life ones due to licensing (like Monaco and Suzuka)

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ps4 sales 27 million X1 12million wii u 11 million LOLOL

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@Andycreep1: lol and you're a silly child. Laugh out loud ;)

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came here just to say - acetto corsa.

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@brhuebr: "Assetto Corsa", damn good game too.

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On consoles I think forza looks better has more cars, better presentation and career mode also the rain in forza brings more to the table really brings a new dynamic and solid 60fps locked. Project cars still a good game but forza 6 edges it for me.

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I have both. I played both on xbox one and i like the feel of project cars, -engine sounds are amazing, but the steering on project cars was terrible. It had a severe understeer and then there would be a frame jump and you'd oversteer off the track. So as much as i want to like project cars more, forza is more playable.

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Real Racing 3 is the best sim racer this year! The online multiplayer blows Forza or any other racer away!

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Says he loves Forza and has a WRX but then goes on to say he plays with a gamepad and prefers it that way. I'm sorry but you lost all credibility by saying that....If you are a racing fan and want everything these games have to offer, you have to have a racing wheel.

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Both are boring and so is Gran Turismo.

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I know Project Cars is way better then Forza 6. I played both of them on Xbox one and one for the PC. I feel and see the differences in controls and handling. Forza feels more arcade like where the hand control make it easy to drive with out a steering wheel. Project Cars force you to get a steering wheel like the G27 or the Thrustmaster. You cant even play with a hand control with out swerving into a wall. Project Cars feels more real. I have driven most of these cars in real life so I know. So when I am home, I will love to play both a sims. But Project Cars is my number one choice.

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@filemaster4: Since my wheel broke, I've been playing with a controller and I can drive just fine, XB1 version of PCARS had a horrible issue with the controller when it came out, should be fixed now though.

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@filemaster4: that thing where you can't drive with a controller is called bad pad support, not realistic handling.

pcars handles OK overall, but honestly their so called SETA tire model is a bit weird, and honestly, worse than "static" models for now. i see its potential, but it was not realized in its first iteration. and the suspension model is just bullshit. it's terrible all around.

forza honestly isn't perfect either. since forza 5, the cars are a bit too oversteery, and the grip feels weird at the edge of traction most of times (feels less than it should be, and somehow biased towards the front of the car, even in mid engined cars). but oh well. i like both games anyway. they're the best we have for now, even with their limitless shortcomings. forza 4 was better than both though.

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@G-Corleone: Confirmed PS2 models... fail.

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Project Cars for me please. I have played both games, but Pcars has real handling and physics which is quite challenging and fenomenous real time weather effects in all day stages, forza have more cars but most of the time the car drifts and gets out of the road and as time goes by it becomes repetitive and a little boring. Pcars is the real thing for real drivers, forza is a great game franchise as always, nothing more.

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gran turismo 5/6 are better than both of them, without question. driveclub looks better than forza and project cars but the game as a whole is not at their level.

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@Xristophoros: far from that. gt is stuck in the early 2000's. it has a lot of catching up to do, and just from the announcement of psp cars going to ps4 i can already see it won't happen in the next iteration. if ever.

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@GraveUypo: as far as the interface, menu design and progression systems of gt, you are right, it is outdated and archaic. but when it comes to the overall experience of driving, i still think gt does it best. gt5 was a mixed bag. those ps2 car models had no business being in the game and brought the overall polish down. the premium cars looked fantastic though. gt7 will allow polyphony to redeem themselves and reclaim the throne of driving games... at least i hope. but even an average gt is still better than the competition where it matters most. the feeling of the driving.

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@GraveUypo: Used to love Gran Turismo. After GT5 I didn't even bother getting GT6 and from the information available about GT7 I don't think I'll be buying that either.

While I have a PS4 (and a PC) I am not a fanboy. So far this generation, in terms of exclusives there have been more XB1 games that have appealed to me. Even then it is only the Forza games and Killer Instinct and that's on its way to PC.

I'm looking forward to the next Uncharted but this generation has been pretty disappointing for me personally so far.

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@StokeMeAClipper: what information available about gt7 has you losing interest? care to elaborate? we know next to nothing about it except that it should be releasing by the end of 2016.

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@Xristophoros: My statement didn't accurately portray my line of thought, so I'll rephrase.

With the knowledge that GT7 will be retaining the premium/standard cars leads me to believe that PD/Kaz haven't taken onboard the criticisms many of us had about GT5 and GT6.

The lack of uniformity in quality between the standard and premium models itself is enough to sour the game for me (especially if it means blacked out cockpits or none at all). The vast majority of people hated the decision to go with premium and standard models from when it was originally announced for GT5 and it is arguably the biggest criticism of the recent games. It is an inelegant solution to increase the car count. Having car models in a game from two console generations back is a joke in my opinion.

For PD/Kaz to ignore the biggest complaint about the game leads me to believe that other complaints will also be ignored. Kaz often talks about his "vision". I think he may have lost sight of the fact that he is selling a product and that it isn't just his own pet project.

Maybe I'm leaping to conclusions. I guess only time will tell.

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@StokeMeAClipper: it is highly doubtful they will use the standard/premium car models this time around. even if they choose to recycle some of the premium car models from gt5/gt6, we wouldn't even know it since they are modelled at such a high resolution and then down sampled in the final build of the game. i also have a hunch that pd will use some of the car models from drive club to ease the development cycle a bit... and why not? the cars in drive club look beautiful. should they reuse those ps2 models AGAIN i will freak the **** out and not purchase the game. i will say that much :D

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@Xristophoros: As far as I am aware the premium/standard cars will be returning. Have a quick look on Google. I believe it is on the GT7 Wikipedia article too.

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@StokeMeAClipper: the thing is we don't know what qualifies as standard this time around. perhaps that will mean cars from gt5/6? let's hope so.

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@Xristophoros: I can't say for certain, but the phrasing used in the articles I've read make me think the PS2 car models are going to stay, though I think they'll try to tart them up a little.

I doubt we'll be getting proper cockpits if any, and that is a big deal to me (as I use a wheel). If they include a bonnet (hood) camera for all cars I might maybe, possibly, conceivably consider getting it, but the rest of the game is going to have to impress me a lot to overlook not having cockpits for all the cars.

Because of not having cockpits for all cars in GT5, I ended up driving all cars from the first person view (I don't call it the bumper camera because the height is wrong). I want consistent quality when switching from car to car, so having a cockpit for one car and not another drove me mad, so I just didn't use the cockpit camera at all.

I also thought there was room for improvement in the cockpits that are there. While the graphics is nice, I disliked the steering animations. They seemed laggy and while I realise animating hands turning the wheel more than 90 degrees each way can be tricky, I think there are better ways to deal with it. For example, removing the drivers arms or wheel entirely works well in sims I've played. Another method would be to have 270 degrees rotation, but have the movement near the center move 1:1 and have the last few degrees dedicated to the rest of the turning (like a sensitivity curve) rather than linearly mapping 1080 or 900 degrees to 180.

Another thing I'd like to see (and this applies to all first person games but particularly racing games) is proper field of view adjustability. Three presets just doesn't cut it when you consider that people have different sized displays and sit at different distances from them. Having the ability to set an appropriate field of viiew can make a game so much more immersive.

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@Xristophoros: no. Sony fanboys always tying to interject if it's not all about them.

GT hasn't been relevant since the PS2. Come back when GT7 is out...2017 ish

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I like the car selection of forza , but compared to project cars, forza feels arcadey. I like forza a lot , it is a great game, but anyone saying it's more simulation than project cars is in denial. One thing that sucks about project cars is everything is unlocked from the get go, every track, every car, which means I have no reason to play through a career seeing as there is absolutely no sense of progression, lame! Both are good for different things I think

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As a PlayStation 4 owner, it's depressing to see how incredible Forza looks. I honestly believe I bought the wrong console. I did have an Xbox 360 for nearly 8 years, and Forza was, BY FAR, the game I played most during that time. I miss it. I really do. Damn PS4.

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@jayskoon93: hopefully GT steps their game up.

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Dirt Rally.

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They are both great. PCars has more tracks and Forza has more cars. Assetto Corsa is great as well, but it is lacking both cars and tracks.

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