Pro Fighters Preview - Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

What do pro Marvel vs. Capcom 3 players think of Ultimate? Dan Chiappini chats with players from Australian fighting game community OzHadou to get their thoughts on the game, changes to current characters, and new ones they're looking forward to!

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and where's Psylocke. come on man.

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still no Punisher, Gambit, Rogue, :-(

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Great preview! I can't wait to jump into training mode and find a way to make air X-Factor as broken as lvl 1 X-Factor Wolverine. I can already feel myself getting bodied for misreading the new HUD, but I'm sure I'll get used to in in time. :D

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Nice feature. The veteran players' perspective is helpful for understanding the subtleties of this new release.

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can't wait to play this one