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fifa need 10 years from now to be like konami now

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ea cant beat konami at soccer genre

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pro game :)

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best football games ever. fifa 09 can´t compare with this

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it would be cool fifa graphics with pes person movement

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siip lah..,.,

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Great game ever with spectacular graphics

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is the best soccer game everrrr!!!

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Great graphics.But at the end.....why does Athletico Madrid have to win the UEFA Champions League ?

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I think that if someone would put the 2 games together it would be almost perfect! because both have some flaws but the flas that PS has Fifa dosen't have and the otherway around! E.G. The side referees in fifa don't do anything they just stand there but in PS the Show whos ball it is with their flags, and so far the gameplays have been a bit different aswell so the choice is usually made by seeing which suits you the best! But it seems that PS as finially got the name problem right and even have Uefa Champions leag in it not like last year, Konamy cup:D

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well i've played both. I have always been a pes fan but have noticed, particularly last year, that fifa is getting better, its more solid than ever and the variety in animations is unparralelled. if you're torn, then download both demos from PSN and make your choice.. give them both about 2 or 3 tries to be sure and i think most people will make the same choice as me...

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pro ev is better than fifa because of the movement of the players but fifa has better modes that is in ps2 but i havnt played fifa in ps3.

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i av never played PES but i cant wit to play dis new installment since they the PES series give u a better feel than dat arcade feelin dat fifa gives

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PS whats with torres always looking like he has ronaldinhos teeth

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Please people dont comment on what you dont know. EA and fifa have a fixed liscense until like 2010 or something its singed and sealed a long time ago so as much as you like pro evo its not gonna change netime soon

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Why cant they get licenses from the leagues?? this is sad.. and why does fifa get them?? o wait... ok anywais.. FIFA SUCKS tell the damn fifa to change from Ea to Konami lol .. i have no idea how it works.. PES owns either way

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komani have to get the lisence from the leagues.

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ohhhhhh rooney isnt there because hes a fifa guyy so they stuck in anderson loll

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if fifa ever get the uefa liscence PES os done......well they're done already loll is that fifa 2000 graphics ???LOL

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if u've got an open mind u'll c dat fifa is really catchin up but PES still remains its senior brotha anyday anytime....

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best football game very good best of all

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@ Exeron They don't need to, because it says "Next Gen" on the tin, but it's really old gen graphics. I used to love PES, since the days on the PSX (ISS). However, after having so many years of licence let downs and the same stuff year in year out... I just couldn't take it. PES 2008 is what pushed me over the edge and you know what? I am so glad that it did! What I was missing with FIFA... Omg. It hurts me to say it but I am now a FIFA fan. Edit: Konami will have to do something really special to win my heart back, but what I have seen from the demo they wont get it this year.

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The team line up for MU doesn't look right

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this game blows. The Champions League license doesn't make up for not having the Spanish League. Nor more than half the most important leagues. And the gameplay is exactly the same from last year, and last 6 years for that matter! F u c k PES. It blows. btw, the graphics look like crap. Their arms look.. disturbing.

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good in motion,,unlike fifa

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I wonder, will Winning Eleven 2009 come out @ the same time too? FIFA is only well-branded, well-licensed, but no substance..

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Yeah right. The Graphics look like something from PS1 on the demo. Big let down. After all this hype, i've turned to FIFA (Again!)

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I wanna tell you something what FIFA do it will not be like pro evolution soccer series the master league and the realastic control and more and more..... (( FIFA is pro evolution's student ))

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the demo is awesome

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Another great thing is that the developers doesn't turn the PC version into a converted PS2 version.

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this is by far the best soccer game available. i been always playing fifa antil, 3 years ago. the hardly changed anything, plus the game itself boring. PES improving every year... i wiah they had more teams available... but otherwise, this game ROCKS

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I hate soccer, but like to play from time to time on my PC. I should say fifa 2009 cannot be compared to this. PES is simply realistic and hard to get into (if you aren't a fan of the series) and that's good for sport games. Sorry fifa, you are out of my agenda... Cannot wait to try this new PES. Cheers!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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nice trailer Pro Evolution Soccer is the best game for hardcore soccer gamer and the graphics and licenses case is the only thing make FIFA stands opposite PES but if only PES have only the full licenses...

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Uhhhhhhh, now PES has the Champions League!!! and every year more and more teams join the game, jajaja, better run fifa...run!!! forrest... I mean fifa.

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i thinked that the champions leuge is aea game

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AIG?! is that the company that went bankrupt.

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PES2009 will be my first big game for this season, then after that I will get Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, Gears 2 and so on ...

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I'have played football games for over 20 years, and what really matters is to have the feeling of being in the field when you play it. I am from Argentina and you know that here we play football since we are born. PES Unites!!!

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PES (or WE)has been the best football game for the last 10 years, FIFA's IA sucks, and about the graphics I'dont think FIFA is better. The only thing I hope is that this year the game could have more IA in the players of your team, so you can make better passes and goals.

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btw..the only reason ea can put so much things in the games like grahpics is because ea is like the riches game making company..they buy out everything..ncaa basketball..espn..nfl..and they barely use it for good use for the gamers..tsk tsk tsk.. grahpics arnt important..i learned that mistake a year ago..pes player models arnt that bad..fifas good player models rock..but the not known players suck

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lol..yea well EA always had a problem with animation and gameplay on all of their games..i cant believe that they made a decent game with virtua tennis..and that people are giving fifa 09 a hype score of 9..yes EA games always tend to have good grahpics..but gameplay..thats the most improtant thing.. ea is more arcady..fun in some ways..but if your looking for the real deal..simulation..like 2k9..u go with pes.. ps i noticed that the guys with the half life avatar are biased to pes and only like fifa..booo

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Fifa football games have always been ridicules. I liked only Fifa 98, but that was because it bringed 3D graphics into genre and lot of other improvements. But after that it have always been the same, idiotic physics and stupid and repeating ball movement. PES has some flaws but comparing it to Fifa is like comparing PS1 to PS3.

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I wasn't too thrilled with FIFA last year because I expected improved physics and game play. It still felt like robots playing football because of the "running on rails" issue. In any case, PES 2008 could've been a hell of a lot better too, but I have a good notion this title will bring back the series' glory as top football game. The licensing is a plus, especially for me by bringing in clubs like Zenit and Shakhtar Donetsk to go along with the fantastic Champions League license. I'm only concerned about which leagues will be fully licensed as there are many people writing that two of the four from the past game may not return in full. Those being Serie A and la Liga.

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