Prey: First 12 Minutes of Gameplay

It's just another day in the high-tech, near future year 2032 and Morgan Yu is off to TranStar HQ. What could possibly go wrong?

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    Man, I can barely remember the original enough to have any anticipation for this one. I do remember that I played it all the way through to the end. I may have even played through it twice. I know it was unlike any other shooter I played before...... but that was because games like Bioshock had not come out yet. I do remember that the the character in the original was native American Cherokee more specifically and you had to use these weird spirit powers to help throughout the game. The entire game was about finding your woman, rescuing her and escaping the alien ship. This one seem to go in a totally different direction.... is there any mention of the characters from the original????

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    @craigtl: The only thing this game shares with that game is the name. It's a reboot/reimagining/alternate narrative.

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    @Brakkyn: I actually just read that in another article..... Tricky...... the name still drew me in. Now I'm actually interested in how this one turns out.

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    lip-sync is totally off.

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    The video stops just as it would BEGIN to get interesting...