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EXP share existed in the original western released Red and Blue, you get more exp in the newer games, but still. the hardest/easiest part of sun/moon and x/y is the constant cut scenes with your characters friends. its easier because its basically impossible to get lost, which is great for children, but its annoying to deal with as an adult and it made it harder to play simply because it actually made me want to shut the game off... you know what id love, if the next game featured the option of an adult playable character. like you get to choose between being a parent teaching your child about the world of pokemon or being that child, where you could link up with your real family to play the game, share a pokebox that operates like the pokebank, and get to travel through every region of the pokemon world.

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Anybody who says Sun and Moon are difficult is utterly full of crap, or they're terrible at these games. I don't use Exp. Share or Z-Moves. I've never battled against other players, and I don't watch people who compete. I choose my Pokémon based on my favorite designs, and I've captured them in the wild. I don't EV train, I don't look for specific Abilities in Pokémon, and I don't spend much time on looking for helpful or neutral Natures. I stayed 7-15 levels over NPCs and defeated them in 1-3 attacks most of the time and never lost a battle. Of generation 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7, Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald are still the hardest games by far, mostly because you gained little XP, especially in the wild. It was a pain to grind. I can't speak for generation 1 and 5. You needed to grind much and be several or many levels above the rivals back then, at least if you had little knowledge, and you need to now. With generation 6, I thought Game Freak was making the series even easier and more casual, but thankfully they've changed their course. X/Y and OR/AS were ridiculously easy.

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@Tacanacy: Then I must be bad, and the last couple of decades I spent playing pokemon was a waste of time, since I actually failed an island challenge. Granted, I was a couple of levels below the Totem pokemon, and it had a healing move that it didn't hesitate to use. But I still failed one of them.

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Son this game was made for kids that watch the show it's easy cuz it's a kid game. I still play Pokemon even though I'm not a kid anymore but I understand that it's still a game made for kids 7+

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@trillionite: Dunno about you but I did well with difficult games, and so did many many other kids back then in the NES, SNES/SEGA, N64/PS eras and through a good portion of the PS2/Xbox/Gcube era.

Don't know what happened with the past 15 years that made kids severely deficient with their motor/hand eye coordination/problem solving skills.

Probably the water smh.

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As someone who hated XY's story and insultingly easy gameplay but LOVE it's competitive battling features and wifi battles, i appreciate sun and moons increased difficulty and the npc use of strategy and the focus on story, HOWEVER I am grossly disappointed that the Ultra Beasts ended up being regular Pokémon with regular Pokémon names instead of staying mysterious other worldly beings with UB-0 names AND they didn't even really end up having almost anything to do with the main story -_-. And I could have still been semi ok with that IF there wasn't such a noticeable lag on double battles which is what I do the most grr and yes I have the new 3ds xl and yes it's still slow and in totem battles too. Slow enough that it's not a smooth experience for me to enjoy it like in XY. That really bums me out because now that I'm done with the story and the regular Pokémon I mean ultra beasts lost their mystery and allure, I'm not even interested in catching them because why. I'm not even wanting to competitive wifi battle with sun and moon because of the lag and overall jumbled thrown together last minute look of that poke plaza. Im just a bitter bitxh but like damn. Oh and let's not forget that we got almost no new pokes and some recycled gen 1 pokes which is another rant on its own. I think it's laziness but wasn't XY supposed to be the nostalgia train for "gen oners" I'm a gen oner and I was over gen 1 as soon as gen 2 came out like I know I can't be the only bitxh out here who is fuxxing tired of these kanto bitxhes like you already gave us that "nostalgia" with XY um why again? Why not just do johto starters this time if that was the situation like what bye. And then we find out Pokémon stars is gona be on the switch and they were working on it all along with sun and moon which makes me feel even more that sun and moon was a sloppy second priority and since it's on the switch now I have to (cuz of course I'm gona get stars) buy a home console thingy to play it is you serious. Like what I feel bamboozled.

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Just like the two Pokemon games before it, you have to turn off the XP share for it to feel like a real Pokemon game. Otherwise its just as easy kiddy skip through the region.

If you turn the XP share off, you get that fun dungeon crawler type feel where you're relieved to get to the next time and it feels like an achievement when you make it through a cave.

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Literally, all I heard was some guy complaining that a /children's/ video was too easy. I'm sorry but I love the new features, it allows for me to attempt to have a perfect run, by that, I mean a run were I'm able to steamroll everyone. Plus, the game is still hard, I've been struggling for a while now. There is a huge importance on what your team is. If the team is off balanced in terms of typings or power, then you are screwed.

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EXP share diminished the misery of having to grind endless hours to check IVs and such. If you are experiencing Pokemon in a more casual way just turn off EXP share, it's not for you.

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The story has a few light challenges, but it's suppose to ease you into the adventure. If you over-level? You over-level; that's just a thing in Turn based RPGs_

Post game has plenty of challenging fights because it locks your level. Should have talked more about that, which is ment to encourage playing against other players.

Regardless, wasn't a big fan of the review anyway, so it doesn't surprise me GS is posting bait articles. You guys are far too soaked into the old games, to see how flawed they actually are.

Nostalgia is a deadly thing.

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Did you have your battle style put to set in the options? You did not mention in the video but shift battle style gives you a huge advantage. It tells you what pokemon the trainer will send next and offers you to switch pokemon so you can just bring out an advantageous pokemon with no penalty.

I've found the game to one of the harder pokemon experiences I've been underlevelled most of the time and the Totem pokemon and some of the trainers have given me some really memorable battles.

Also I find the game alot more fun when you use a full team of 6 pokemon, the exp will be alot more shared out leading to less situations where you are overlevelled and watching them all grow over the game is great.

I always get quite invested in my pokemon teams they always have nicknames and I tend to imagine their personalities this game even more so than usual I think stuff like pokemon refresh really helped that. By the 3rd island I could not imagine dumping any of my team especially not my Alolan Raticate, shes the best!

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First, reviewer doesn't know that EXP Share can be turned off by using it as an item (which was a thing in X&Y when they introduced the revised version).

Second, they're mistaking challenge for tedium. Most caves after the first gen (or first two at worst) did not encourage you to grab balls, and ropes to go with your potions, but repels, as you got constantly hounded by the seemingly, if not actual, increased encounter rate. And the first one you find in Red/Blue/Yellow? A single floor tunnel with a simple path that is well lit called the Diglett's Cave, where many trainers picked up their anti-Surge diglett/dugtrio.

Third, that NPC heals you vs trudging back to town? The first one of those I can recall was Gen 2, an old lady near the mid point of your run to the Indigo Plateau. She had a house right before the entrance to Victory road, so she was half way between New Bark Town and the plateau, so you could give the trainers your all before the final challenge, and then be rested and ready to go after. They started sprinkling those in longer areas, or when they had you running through areas escorting another trainer (and those were worse on lack of challenge, the trainer you escorted healed you every fight, even if you were just doing double battles against bugs); I for one enjoy being able to focus more on wild fights, trying to "catch them all" and the trainer battles I run across, as opposed to "whelp, 2 wilds and a trainer, a third of my party is half hp, better return to town to continue on" that you, reviewer, seem to think is missing.

Finally, a comment: I've not found myself truly overleveled in Moon, though I'm only early on the third isle... the Black and White scalar exp returned, as you mentioned, in Sun and Moon, the routes are a bit less populated by grass that you must walk in to progress, and I tend to just run from wild encounters if I've caught the pokémon and aren't struggling with the trainers in the area... I'm usually within two to three levels of the trainers and even the Totem pokémon as I fight them, which should be the "about right" point.

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You're obviously playing with XP Share on. In ever game I've played (since gen 3) I could just run through to the post game with just my starter and one lengendary. If I didn't have XP Share on in Sun/Moon, I would've gotten destroyed

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its not that it lack challenge it just they improve so much thing get too easy.

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Who actually plays for the challenge? It's Pokémon and is not designed to be much of a challenge in terms of the adventure. It's supposed to be about trying to catch 'em all, which genuinely is difficult. On OR/X I am currently on 711 and simply relying on trades now.

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Take off the exp share, if you want it harder. In my opinion this is the hardest game as far as strategy is concerned. I'm grinding because I'm on the second island and I almost lost the third trial, lol. This is my favorite game so far, and I've played since old school Pokemon. Before this game I never considered half the different types. But with each island trial you have to constantly change your team. After I've finished the game I'm going to try for the first time to complete the pokedex.

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People...you can turn off the EXP share and put your Pokemon on set! I don't get how that's hard to grasp, it makes the game more challenging and fun. As the game progressed, I was always under leveled and found myself having more trouble than I expected, and this is coming from someone that played all of the generations besides Black & White.

X & Y were a pushover, I can Nuzlocke those games easily...this one seems like it would be impossible to do.

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last pokemon game i played was yellow and now i got moon. I can say now it is more refined but more fun. Back in the originals caves and unending challengers on routes were frustrating. I was trying to dodge them, finding the shortest way, popping repels in caves all the time, but now paths and grasses are not that intimidating. There are less ppl and grasses are not in your way but around mostly. so I found myself exploring more which is more fun. I actually go and talk them myself before they see me!

Gym leaders were also not much harder than regular challengers once you build a balanced team. But in sun and moon totem pokemons are actually hard to beat even if you can counter them because of obvious advantages they have, like calling for help, huge buffs and hp.

So I am happy now the game is less frustrating, got rid of meaningless grind and intimidating caves/routes and placed the difficult obstacles to the right places.

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personally id say this was the hardest game in the series

it starts off way too easy but the boss fights just keep increasing drastically in difficulty until it matches you than tappers off for elite four which you will need to bring multiple high level pokemon of different types to win unless you grind until 90s

the 4way battles are brokenly difficult and meant for specific pokemon with high sp-def + hp not sure why they introduce it at level 20-30 when you need to have 50+ pokemon to even stand a chance

really the point in which the game catches up to you is poni island suddenly it becomes a hassle to strong arm trainers(spamming the same strong move from your main pokemon for everything)

if you always have different types of pokemon from start to finish there is little difficulty

finished the game at about 30-33 hours i spent a ton of time trading pokemon but i never failed a single battle and progressed easily

the last few pokemon rpg games have been pretty short(black n white 1&2) glad this one took longer to finish was afraid it was going to be short with just 4 islands to explore

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Good video but some changes are appreciated because they were just tedious. I like the concept of the experience share but gamefreak like forgot that they gave it to you in the beginning of the game and automatically turned it on. I didn't even realize I had it in Moon until I got my third party member. In X/Y I was always over leveled while never doing any grinding or excessive catching. If the game gives it to you so early then the game should increase its own levels too.

Giving you experience for catching pokemon seem unnecessary to me. You sacrifice the experience with getting a new pokemon.

Caves in the original games were so horrible (i was forced to teach my pikachu flash :/). I can get over victory road being a huge chore because its your final test and all but 2 other regular-ol caves should be that much of a pain.

I do like that they show you what super effective and what not because thats not so much skill as it is memory or google 'pokemon chart'.

Gamefreaks seem to be making good decisions but implementing them so wrong. People don't like grinding-"oh lets give them exp share super early and with high rates". People said they were lost-"lets make the most simple designed areas with guides...just in case". Theres a whole lot of hand holding the recent games have been doing.

Only on my second island in Moon but so far its just easy and not ridiculous easy.

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So let me get this straight...the game is too easy because of an optional thing like exp share. Does this person not know that they can turn that off? I turned it off, because I wanted to total control over my team not because of fear of it being too easy. And FYI a rival doesn't mean you have to hate someone, a rival is just someone chasing the same goal as you. There's only room for one at the top, but you don't have to hate everyone else' guts.

And your overselling the field healings, its not like its every route, every 15ft. I haven't played a Pokemon since Yellow. But those were easy games, types were ultra specific and very few used different type moves. So when you were entering a part of the map with a significant type inbalance you destroy that entire part of the map with a single Pokemon. That also applied to gyms and knowing your rival has the type advantage wasn't a challenge unless you only had 1 Pokemon. When you have rock types using electric moves, negating a water types advantage--that's a challenge if you ask me.

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how many people that think it's too easy also kept on exp share ? level up a team and keep them around the same lvl. I usually had my whole team around the same lvl as all the trainers. some battles were actually a challenge and it was fun not 1 shotting everything.

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@rikku45: If the game gives you the experience share in the beginning of the game and automatically turns it on then the game expects you to have it on. Thus the game should be on par with the player. In X/Y I was about 7-10 levels over leveled for every gym. I wasn't grinding, wasn't catching a whole bunch of pokemon (I consider the pokedex a post game activity), I was just battling folks the game forced me to battle. Getting rid of doing something tedious like grinding is not whats making the game easy.

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@rikku45: Basically this. People playing with EXP Share on i.e. the EASY MODE,and then complaining about the lack of difficulty (in what is fundamentally still a game meant for kids) make me laugh.

Turn off the damn EXP Share.

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@charizard1605: The exp share, a game design, isn't the reason the game is ridiculous easy. You can not fault the player for using something the game outright gives you. You don't have to do a side quest or something amazing to get it. Its given to you and automatically turned on in the beginning of the game. Thats not an optional item so the game dev KNOWS you have it.

The exp share shouldn't be an "easy mode" indicator but getting rid of significant grinding. You would have a point thats its meant for kids so it "should be easy" but the original games were more difficult. Pokemon trainers actual used set up moves and some type of strategies. And even if the games were always ridiculous easy you are really undermining kids intelligence. They are not that stupid where they need all this hand holding.

I haven't gotten far enough in moon to say how it easy it is but so far its better than X/Y difficulty.

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When half of your pokemon of choice are the same as mine... With 800, it should be more varied...

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Wow, i thought was a nice difficulty. Also, i never felt the old Pokemon games were hard, i use to beat them easily as a young kid. Yet i can name you tons of games i couldnt beat as a child...like Zelda.

If your smart, you can increase the difficulty while playing. I like playing Dark Souls with a broken sword and skipping bonefires.

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This has to be a joke, Sun and Moon are the most difficult games in the series

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@charizard1605: how hard were the sun and moon games?

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@TJDMHEM: Hardest games in the series.

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@charizard1605: Where are you finding the difficulty? I've playing every pokemon game and I can honestly say this one is by far the easiest in my experience. I'm a good ways in to the game (just finished second Grand Trial) and I have yet to loose a single battle. So far only the totem pokemon give any sort of challenge and everything else is a cake walk and I haven't had to grind at all and I rarely use Z-moves. I just played Soul Silver right before this one and in comparison it feels like this game gives you WAY more experience quicker and items so you can evolve and keep your pokemon healthy way easier.

I'm not trying to insult I'm actually curious. Does the difficultly ramp up a lot later or something?

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just curious if you turned off exp share

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@rikku45: I flip it on and off depending on I want to train a particular Pokemon or not. Does that thing give you extra XP in this one? It used to just straight up divide your XP.

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@bacontophat45: If you are playing with EXP Share on, which is literally easy mode and gives you extra XP per battle, then of course you're finding the game easy. It's like me saying The Last of Us has no sense of threat which jars with its tone, and I was playing it on Easy. It makes no sense.

Regardless, even with EXP Share off, starting the third island, things should start to become difficult. The AI becomes smarter, utilizing proper advanced setups, uses items smartly, switches Pokemon out based on what moves you have used in that battle so far, and so on.

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@charizard1605: Ah. That makes sense. I'll keep it off then. That's probably why everyone finds this one so much easier. Especially because it's default on and many people won't realize it can even be turned off.

I also find it odd that most trainers have had only one Pokemon up to this point. But I'm sure that will change soon.

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@bacontophat45: I must concede, most random trainers don't start having teams of more than 1 or 2 Pokémon through to the very end- the difficulty does not come from them, but the increasing frequency of named character encounters, which are the ones where the game goes truly all out.

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@charizard1605: Wow really? That's such a weird design decision on their part. I'm getting the feeling they just did a bit of a poor job with balancing this on. It's too easy with exp share because way too much exp is given and it's too hard without because not enough is given (probably because trainers don't have enough Pokemon to give the amount needed).

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@bacontophat45: Well, without spoiling it, I can tell you that there is a dramatic increase in difficulty in the back half of the game mostly because of the tactics the enemy AI uses rather their overleveling (though I am sure that could be a problem too for some players...) Which is why it can be rough for players even with EXP Share on haha.

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@charizard1605: Really? What was your starter? I'm in the third trial (second island) with popplio and it feels very easy...

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@edussz: Litten. Things get harder starting the fourth trial, and then with the starting the third island, things should start to become difficult. The AI becomes smarter, utilizing proper advanced setups, uses items smartly, switches Pokemon out based on what moves you have used in that battle so far, and so on.

Popllio is definitely the easiest starter to through the game with, I admit that, though, mostly because of how great Fairy Type is. My Mimikyu ended up carrying my entire team once I caught her lol.

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