Pokemon X and Y - Pokemon Evolution

Check out this trailer for Pokemon X and Y which showcases the evolution of your starter pokemon as well as the mega evolutions of Garchom and Mewtwo.

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**** i love mewtwo y

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What's the deal with that power ranger style watch?

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Omg, the fire evolution looked absolutely horrible!!!! It looked female, is there a male version? Guh, I hope they didn't just ruin fire starters for me....

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There will be kids playing now that don't know the original 150. Disgraceful.

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@Wobbletop Yeah, how dare those fuckers have the nerve to be born after us!

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Nice! Pokemon in 3D is just nice!

But the megavolutions are not a good idea. Formes for legendary pokemon are there. Why not use that?

How about trading from GC, GBA and DS to 3DS and 2DS, and vice versa? How about that?

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Looked good until it hit mega evolutions. Still think they are stupid and messing with Mewtwo which is about as legendary as lengendary pokemeon get is a desecration on my memory.

The other pokemon on there didn't look too bad though. I am almost upset I sold my 3DS. Almost, not quite but almost.

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Nintendo has run out of opposing pairs of colors for the titles of its Pokemon games.

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@Gelugon_baat or they are playing off of the 3D idea. There are always 3 pokemon games, X+Y+Z = a 3d object

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@Gelugon_baat lol

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Awesome!!!! almost here super exited!!

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