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Pokemon Sword - Part 1 Tutorial Walkthrough (No Commentary)

Welcome to the beginning of a new Pokemon journey! In part one of this Nintendo Switch walkthrough, Jake begins his quest in the new Sword and Shield Galar Region, where he selects his starter Pokemon. After meeting the local champion Leon and getting through some training, Jake is ready to leave home and start his quest to become a Pokemon champion!

Pokemon Sword and Shield have finally arrived on the Nintendo Switch, marking the start of a whole new generation for the series. Of course, each gen introduces a new region to explore and a host of new monsters to catch, and Sword and Shield are no different. This time around, the games take players to an idyllic countryside called Galar, which is home to a variety of new Gen 8 Pokemon, as well as a healthy selection of old favorites.

In typical Pokemon fashion, you'll begin your Galar journey by picking a starter Pokemon and setting out to collect badges, but Sword and Shield also shake up the series' formula in a few surprising ways. In the video above, we walk you through the first portion of the adventure, picking our starter and meeting the region's champion, Leon, who shows us the ropes of Pokemon training.

Like previous Pokemon games, Sword and Shield each feature a handful of version-exclusive Pokemon as well as some other differences, including a couple of unique Gyms. If you're not sure which version is right for you, be sure to check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield version differences roundup for a full breakdown of how the two games compare.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. We gave the titles a 9/10 in our Sword and Shield review. Critic Kallie Plagge wrote, "In collecting, battling, and exploring, Sword and Shield cut out the bloat and focus on what makes these pillars of the Pokemon games so captivating in the first place. You're not held back by overly complicated back-end systems or hoops to jump through; from the outset, you can start wandering the Galar region, seeing its new Pokemon, and trying out its new battle strategies with very little in your way."