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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet - What To Do Once You've Finished The Game

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is a big game, and there’s even more to do after the credits roll. Here’s what to do once you beat the game.

So, you’ve finished Pokemon Scarlet or Violet and you’re wondering what to do next. Well, we’ve got you covered. Even without the Battle Tower, here are some activities that will keep you busy for dozens of hours.

Technically Scarlet and Violet’s story doesn’t end with the credits. Geeta will ask you to check in on all the gym leaders in Paldea. Of course, a “check-in” means a battle and each gym leader will hit you with everything they’ve got. Once you’ve defeated all the gym leaders for a second time, you will be able to participate in the school tournament. This allows you to rematch your friends and teachers at top form. You’ll need to do it at least once to complete the post-game story content, but you can technically participate in this tournament as many times as you want. Additionally, you can also battle team Stars generals again if you return to their base.

Once you’ve completed the tournament, Jacq will give you a call and tell you about difficult tera raids popping up all over Paldea. Do a few of these and he’ll call you again to warn you about even tougher, 6-star raids. 6-Star raids have a pink glowing outline on the map and can be significantly tougher than 5-star raids depending on the Pokemon and its typing. When it comes to these raids, I highly recommend squadding up with some friends or matchmaking with randoms.

You can always join other raids as well via the PokePortal in the pause menu, but it can be tough actually getting into raids from this menu. Your best bet is to wait until you can refresh the raid list and join something quickly.

Why should you do these difficult raids? The rewards for completing 5 and 6-star raids are usually worth the trouble. 5 and 6-star raids typically feature rare Pokemon with fantastic base stats. Even if you do manage to catch one of these rarer Pokemon in the wild it’s stats will be inferior. You can check a Pokemon’s base stats, or Individual Values, but pressing plus on a Pokemon in the boxes menu. The word “Best” next to a specific stat means its IV for that stat is perfect! “No Good” means its IV for that stat is 0. It’s worth noting that you can’t see a Pokemon’s IVs until you’ve finished the game and stopped by a Pokemon Center. Doing so will unlock the judge function.

Along with the powerful Pokemon, 5 and 6 star raids could potentially net you some rare items: Ability capsules, ability patches, and Herba Mystica. Ability capsules let you change a Pokemon’s ability while ability patches let you change a Pokemon’s ability to its hidden ability if it has one. These items are incredibly useful if you plan on putting together some competitive teams. Meanwhile herba mystica, if used properly, can dramatically increase your odds of finding a shiny Pokemon.

If you’re having trouble with these raids, I recommend heading back to the depths of Area Zero to catch your extra Muraidon or Koraidon depending on your version. You can technically use your ride legendary in raids, but it's nice having an extra one in your boxes just in case.