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Pokemon Go Earth Day Campaign Brings Participation Rewards - GS News Update

Niantic is hosting its second annual Earth Day campaign that will reward Pokemon Go players with Shiny Diglett if they participate.

Niantic is hosting its second annual Earth Day campaign, partnering with Playmob and 15 NGOs to host clean up events. Niantic is aiming to increase its impact with more cleanup events with communities around the world. Depending on how many players participate, various rewards will be unlocked such as increased appearance Ground-type Pokemon spawns, Shiny Diglett, and double Stardust and Candy for event spawns and Groudon in Raids. Head to Niantic's Earth Day Clean up website to sign up and find an event near you.

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GS News UpdatesLily Zaldivar on Google+
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Is that the event from last year that tried to "encourage" (emotionally blackmail) fans to walk around beaches picking up litter?

Nice try Niantic, didn't fall for it then, won't do so now.

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I'm hoping to find a Pokemon inside my 15th annual tire fire I'm hosting in my front yard this coming Earth Day.