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I'm actually excited about the free soccer game, but I'm even more excited for Limbo because I am actually one of those people who hasn't played it yet. Has it really been 5 years?

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@AK1015 It says it's only on the Vita, so that's great if you have a Vita.

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I do!

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@AK1015 me too, i was also tempted to buy it a few weeks back!

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thats it... im gonna kill my self. bring me back alive in 2053 when we have some decent fucking games

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I've been meaning to grab Puppeteer so thanks Sony, never played Skullgirls so may as well give that a try....the rest? don't have Vita and don't do soccer sorry....

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Oooh Tom, you're commiting the typical "uncle sam mistake".

Remember: America is A CONTINENT. The country you're referring to is called The United States Of America. You country doesn't have a single noun to be referred to? Well, bad luck. Remember, aside from your country, soccer is widely popular all over this CONTINENT.

And you should have in mind that giving a soccer game for free on PS Plus two months away from the World Cup is not a bad idea by any means.

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lol at "fighting games with dinosaurs." im old enough to get that joke, sigh.

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lol silly americans with their nfl calling pes a soccer game and thinking that no one wants it. It may come as surprise to you but poeple outside US love football games and both fifa and pes are some of the most sold games in the world.

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@BlazeKingz Yes, we all get that soccer is really popular pretty much everywhere but the US, but giving us soccer is like giving europe a Madden game.

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@bluefox755 @BlazeKingz never played a Madden game and I don't see much NFL but It doesn't mean I wouldn't play the game

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Puppeteer is the must, the rest are pretty meh. The PS4 lineup won't start getting good until sometime next year, which I fully expected considering it's a NEW CONSOLE. As for PES, they should have chosen Fifa, but whatev.

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Same thoughts as Tom, May's line up is not really that impressive IMO, Puppeteer is prob the only one I'd really play.

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Is Limbo really that old? Man, time flies. And Puppeteer is pretty cool. The rest seem kinda blah

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@Pawfalcon ha, you're getting older!

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You talk so much shit Tom. This is why nobody likes old people.

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Let me remind you, that the fact that maybe you do not practice any sport. it does not mean that others think the same as you. I guess Sony was just trying to use the hype of the World Cup this year, and it is happening in this continent "America". I bet there is more people out there that like the game. I am not a soccer fan, but I think is a good selection of games. On the other hand, PS4 needs some love, we are still waiting for a great title for free.

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