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Once again, I'm addicted to Trine..

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I was expecting Sony to come a little harder than this. Still solid titles....but seeing how Microsoft's give away program is twitching with a little life, I thought Sony would lower the hammer on Microsoft. Maybe they will announce something at E3 for July.

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Yeah and I was actually seriously considering buying Trine 2 as Well. I've saved £15 which is good.

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At least PS4 gets two games this month. A small improvement is better than no improvement.

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Terraria for Vita, this time the US beat Europe.

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Trine 2 does look great, especially with co-op mode. I lol'd at the American dad part.

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Can't really complain about two free games I guess. Will give me a reason to check out Trine and the Pixel Junk series for the first time.