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Relax...next month my subscription expires, so that means all the really cool games will be offered again. I don't plan to get plus anytime soon again...I feel a bit cheated, the entire year was mostly sorry games...no driveclub after three years of waiting...and I don't even play online..so...I'm done with it..until I get a better deal on black friday that is...im not paying $50 bucks for this chit..though...I did get some sweet deals on my purchases. Phantom only cost me $6 awhile back.

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Nice lineup!

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PS4 !

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I would have paid $10 dollars for this demo... thankfully it's free now :)

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MG. Sweet wanted that but didn't want to pay for a demo. Excellent.

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@npgr: I was thinking the same thing lol

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Yeah I erm, hate to break it to you chief but you're still paying for the demo...

(You know, that little thing called a ps+ subscription..)


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That's was ignorant. Obviously he knows that he pays monthly for a sub. try being more friendly.

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Oh yeah. That thing that I paid for anyway. Thanks chief

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Errr, okay! You mean as in not free? Derp..

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I paid it to play online and never expected to play one of the "free" psn games. I hope that clears it up for you Mr Smarty Pants

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@daniel79: you save more paying for and having the subscription than not and paying for every single game. do you even game or just bitch on the interwebz

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Again, Microsoft is beaten in the free games department. for the...err.....well since it launced.

Seriously MS, you need to step up with your GWG line up.

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@Myron117: How is MS been beaten in the "free" games department? What has Sony really offered up for 2015? I don't consider a demo to be much of an offering. Sony's top games list for 2015 includes Call of Juarez, Dishonored, Infamous: First Light...with some second tier games of Oddworld: New and Tasty, Vailiant Hearts, Duck Tales, Prototype 2 and Gaucamelee. MS has Rayman Legends, Sniper Elite V2, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Worms Battlegrounds, D4, AoT: The Devil's Cartel, Black Flag, Witcher 2, and Child of Light. There's some second tier games of Terraria, Castlestormers, Mafia II, Pool Nation FX and Gears of War: Judgement that are nearly as good. Maybe you could argue that Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite are negated because they were offered by Sony in 2014, but MS still has a more impressive line-up for 2015 regardless.

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Not bad ! I'll be downloading these for sure ! But why couldn't Call of Juarez be for PS4 too ? Dang !