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wont play socom4 no more i will not bbuy no more socom4 if they dont put old school socom game r.i.p socom mush i use to love socom 1,2,3, i wont buy it no more sorry i play call of duty black ops

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now that move is here it may entice others like sega to port games like House of the dead4 to consoles and virtua cop 3

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its great to see that arcade shooters are still being ported to consoles still a lot of time crisis fans out there but a collection would have been much better dead storm pirates is looking good though

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@2:30 On the left screen, the paddle doesn't even hit the damn ball... so apparently when he is saying that you actually have to be good at ping pong. You have to have magical powers.

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Sweet but i am a little dissapointed with the charging thing.It's just gonna look like the WII :( But i will get Move.It's awesome!

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@BlackBaldwin just one more reason to love sony more than nintendo

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@gunnergod13 sorry mate I didn't see the other vid thanks for the info! Can't wait to give this thing a test drive!

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also i have a question too if i buy the move where am i ganna put the camerasince i have a flat tv and it attached to the all

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@BlackBaldwin dident u see the other video they said since that was a problem with the ps2 eye camera thing in ps move they have fixed that problem so yes it will work in a small thats way this is better than a wii

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@blackbaldwin im curious about that as well.

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I have a pretty small room do you have to be pretty far away from the camera for it to work does anyone know? I wouldn't mind getting it but I'm not too sure if it will work in a very small area...

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Looking forward to Tiger Woods!

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Guess at 26 i am a Dinosaur of the gaming world coz all this gimmik Mo Sen crap doesnt interest me in the slightest! I love to relax while playin a game! This just isnt for me! its for kids who think the "newest is the greatest!!" Only type of game i MIGHT consider this to be great for is a sword and board type of Warrior game!

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Theres absolutely no reason they cant give us a perfect open world sword fighting game with no magic or anything now with what the move is capable of. No more light or heavy attacks.. Juss plain out, good or bad sword movement.. It could be awesome.

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wow WII really needs that damping thing i bought a shooting games for the big mistake my aim was pretty bad in the first place

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Looks okay, makes the PS3 really the all in one system and more options.

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looks awsome

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looks cool

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Looks to be a fantastic thing to have !