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Playing Dark Souls Using Ring Fit, and Games Contributing To Science | Good News Gaming Ep 2

This week on Good News Gaming, we take a look at how playing Borderlands 3 contributes to real world medical research, check out the best free games available now, as well as the best let's play we've ever seen.

This week on Good News Gaming, we continue on our mission to highlight uplifting news stories you might have missed, as well as find some daft memes and things people are doing within games to make us all smile.

We take a look at how playing Borderlands 3 can help real-world medical research with Borderlands Science, and how one man has modded his Ring Fit controller to play Dark Souls III. If you thought Dark Souls was hard, try playing when you have to squat to heal. We also list some free games that you can grab right now, including Uncharted 4 and Google Stadia, as well as look at some of the incredible and creative things people are making in Animal Crossing.

We hope you enjoy this series, and if you have any positive news, daft memes, or things you'd like to see highlighted, let us know in the comments, and it may show up in a future video.

Mentioned in this video:

RKG: (Big thank you to Christian and Weston Spiegelberg!)

Borderlands Science:

Dark Souls Ring Fit Mod:

Free games list (frequently updated!):

Jordan's Kind Words article:

Joe Merrick Pokemon Community Raid Hour:

Hope From Home:

Justin Bieber's pixelated house:

Justin Bieber's pixelated house in-game:

Beat Saber TikTok:

Half-Life but the AI is Self-Aware:

Mother in Animal Crossing:

Star Wars Animal Crossing:

Persona 5 Royal/Animal Crossing mash up: