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Play The Overwatch 2 Beta Soon | GameSpot News

Overwatch 2 beta is coming soon, Dying Light 2: Stay Human has a brand new update and Steam Deck adds drivers to support installation of Windows 10.

Blizzard has announced a closed alpha and a closed beta for Overwatch 2. The alpha test begins today for Blizzard employees, Overwatch League players, and "a few other select groups". That April test will also be a closed beta, but you can now sign up to request access to it on the game's official website.

Techland has just rolled out a brand-new patch for Dying Light 2: Stay Human that adds a number of features and fixes many of the game's worst bugs. The patch is live now for PC, and will be coming to console soon.

Valve has released the additional drivers necessary including drivers for GPU, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Audio drivers however are still in the works.

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