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Play For All E3 2021 Showcase (Presented by GameSpot and The MIX)

GameSpot teams up with The MIX for the Play For All Showcase, which features trailers from upcoming indie titles as well as interviews with some of the developers. Tamoor interviews a diverse group of indie developers including: Xavier Nelson Jr. developer on El Paso Elsewhere, Gwen Foster developer on Soup Pot, Davionne Gooden developer on She Dreams Elsewhere, Saverio Caporusso developer on Blind Fate Edo No Yami, and Derrick Fields developer on Onsen Master.

00:00 Intro

8:19 El Paso Elsewhere

19:38 Soup Pot

31:05 She Dreams Elsewhere

43:04 Blind Fate: Edo No Yami

53:13 Onsen Master Interview