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Persona 3 Reload Is As Faithful Of A Remake As You Could Ask | GameSpot Hands-On Preview

After playing Persona 3 Reload and talking to the director and producer, it's clear that P3R is closely adhering to the original vision amid all its modernization.

When I picked up the controller and put my headphones on to play Persona 3 Reload for the first time, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia. I knew where everything was in the halls of Gekkoukan High School, I knew all the spots at Paulownia Mall, and I knew where I'd find all my friends across the city of Port Island. And the fresh remixing of old songs hit me deeply to instill the feeling of Persona 3's uncanny mix of joy and dread all over again.

Based on a preview of the game, P3R looks to be as faithful of a remake as one could possibly ask for. It's very much that same PS2-era RPG that first established Persona's social-sim and calendar systems alongside the dungeon-crawling gameplay, but now with the art style and visual flourishes reminiscent of Persona 5. Even though my hands-on preview session was only a little over an hour long, I was already starting to piece together what P3R is from what I saw and the five or so times I've finished Persona 3 in its various older forms.