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You really think someone is going to watch through a 2 hr video stream especially through your shitty player? I mean i tried to see some stuff like hercules but saw these morons confused by a simple boss fight that involved matching potion colors with ursula hp bars. I literally never seen the thing but it was obvious that you needed to either shoot ONLY one color at her as red was filling up and blue was removing red.

I understand the journalism is a joke around here but even people that use youtube as supplmental income have the decency to edit their live streams to 5-15 min videos.

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Tarzan, both rugrats games, grinch, a bug's life, toy story 2, barbie horse racing and crash team racing was my young childhood.

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I didn't bother with the video, but the Hercules PS1 sidescroller is a gem in the same vein as old-school Aladdin and Lion King, and I come back to it every few years.