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Para Bellum: Hands-On With Rainbow Six Siege's Biggest Update

Mike and Jake discuss their hands-on time with Operation Para Bellum's new operators, new Villa map, and all of the additional changes coming in Siege's biggest expansion to date.

Operation Para Bellum is quickly approaching, and we got the chance to check out the new operators, the new map, and an array of other changes that are included with Siege's biggest update yet.

In addition to the two new defenders Alibi and Maestro, Ubisoft is also implementing a new map . Villa was designed from the ground up for Siege eSports, but from our time with it, we found it to be accommodating for amateur players as well. It hosts a variety of sight lines and angles of approach, and provides a level of verticality that lets you be creative during your attack.

For more on Operation Para Bellum, check out the rest of our video above. We're also frequently covering Rainbow Six Siege with each of Ubisoft's free updates, to come back to GameSpot in the coming weeks.

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(-, - )…zzzZZZ

These updates are so boring. Ubi should make a REAL Rainbow Six game.

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"zzzZZZ updates are so boring!" *With a nerdy voice*

Cry some more muahahha, you wont get your "REAL Rainbow Six game", ever!

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@3partan341: You going to share the same old crap on every siege post? Get over it, Siege isn't going anywhere.

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@3partan341: just played R6,Eagle pack and Rogue Spear on my retro computer, making entry plans just to see my whole team wiped out (lol), and I honestly have zero idea how people can olay this repetitive MP for countless hours, preferring that over SP campaigns....

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@bongaconga: Replaying the SP campaigns become repetitive also. Sound like you either got your ass handed to you or you don't have any friends to squad up with.

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@rolento25: Well SP or not, what you consider to be R6 really isn’t. This game that Ubisoft has developed with a R6 name on it to cater to esports arena-game players isn’t really R6 at all. If you had read the book Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy you would know what this game is truly supposed to be.

If this game had stayed with a bit more realistic of an approach then I would bite my tongue. The gadgets/skills are getting too cheesy (a camera that shoots now?) and the characters are all bordering absolute cartoonish ridiculousness. This game is becoming nothing more than a ever-so-slightly more realistic version of Overwatch.

If they would create a game mode that would allow for players to not have silly gadgets and skills, but to be able to fight with the same lethality and environmental destructibility I would be more than happy, but they do not seem interested in catering to that crowd.

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@rolento25: I did not need any friends to reach gold but quit due to too many script users. In regards to the original (real) R6 games, no repetitiveness because you can make countless plans with countless different tactics, and equipment. But 99% of today's Siege players would not even know how to set a waypoint in the original R6.

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The gameplay looks severely washed out. Probably a wrong gamma setting. Other than that, a nice and informative video.

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@Wiro_: Yeah Gamespot videos are pretty good.