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Overwatch "Pros" With James Willems, Andy Cortez, Blaine Gibson, And Joel Rubin

On today's Play For All charity stream, Lucy and Tam are joined by Pro Gamers Andy Cortez (Kinda Funny), Blaine Gibson (Rooster Teeth), Joel Rubin (The SpringHill Company), and James Willems (Funhaus) to hit the Overwatch big leagues... allegedly.

Donate to AbleGamers:

Follow Andy on Twitter: @TheAndyCortez

Follow James on Twitter: @JamesWillems

Follow Blaine on Twitter: @BGibbles

Follow Joel on Twitter: @JoelRubin_

In 2020 GameSpot held Play For All, a multi-week event that encompassed covering the latest game reveals and announcements, but also involved a charity effort to raise money for causes that were important to us. We’re super excited about Play For All 2021 and have been working hard to put together something that you’ll have a blast watching.

This year we’ll be fundraising for AbleGamers to help its mission to enable play for everyone, in order to combat social isolation, foster inclusivity in the gaming community, and help provide specialized gaming equipment to those who need it. To find out more, head over to

Play For All - Charity

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