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One Punch Man | Anime X Manga

In this episode of Anime vs Manga, Dave takes a look at One Punch Man, diving into the Anime, Manga, and Webcomic to find both the similarities of the three as they build onto one another, as well as what makes them different to each other. How do the Manga and Anime of One Punch Man differentiate from one another? Find out all of the differences here!

One Punch Man is a fun anime that was released in Japan in 2015 followed by the West in 2016. It follows the story of Saitama, a superhero whose power is that he can win any fight by delivering just one punch, which makes his superhero duties so easy it's boring for him. It began as a webcomic/passion-project written and illustrated by creator, One, before being turned into a manga illustrated by Yusuke Murata and released by Young Jump in 2010. Considering all the different iterations of this story, Dave thought it would be fun to compare them all. Spoilers ahead for One Punch Man.

As far as plot goes, the versions of the story are generally pretty faithful to each other, at least during the first season of the anime, and the translation of each iteration into a new medium makes them fun to compare. For example, there is a moment when Saitama explains how he got his powers when the expression on his face changes from super serious to pretty silly and seeing the way each medium takes this comedic piece, watching it evolve as they go from webcomic to manga to anime, is fascinating.

There are some key differences between the webcomic and the manga like the illustration of Saitama's sword handle or the amount of fights Saitama gets into, but the main difference is that the manga is significantly more fleshed out than the webcomic. The manga has extra chapters that lend a lot more depth to the story in terms of background and general tone. Interestingly however, those chapters didn't make it into the anime, making the manga the most in-depth version of the story.

The anime stays truer to the manga then the webcomic, especially when it comes to the art style for which they borrowed from Yusuke Murata's style. Many of the battles in the manga were replicated almost exactly for the anime, with some added details. There are some parts that are unique to the anime though, like Saitama being comforted by Genos after yelling at some pedestrians who blamed him for a destructive meteorite; in the manga, Genos doesn't say anything to Saitama. Along with some of the dynamic animation, the element which really makes the anime stand out is the intricate use of color which neither the manga nor the webcomic would have been able to achieve.

If you want more details about the similarities and differences between One Punch Man in webcomic, manga, and anime form, check out Dave's video above.