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oh game rat hay

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hop is game comes to the USA

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Hope we get a release date.

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Thanks CapmJim I was considering getting a game for ds and didn't want to waste my money. There have been rumors of this coming out in nov. If it does im going to be happy.

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omg!! it`s oz from thrilla park

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Yes Yanfan, American DS can play Japanese DS games, i think the DSi can as well, but the 3DS is region locked and can not play Japanese games.

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P.S. can an american DS play japanise ds games ????? (please answer)

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Unfortunetly I gave up on hopeing for american one piece releases, all we got was unlimited adventure and it would have been cool to play a portable one.

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sadly i doubt this game will come to america but i still have some hope for it

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I am still not holding my breath for an English release, this is just the European trailer. I gave up on Bandai Namco a long time ago, they are seriously garbage. America is pretty much the only region they dont release these games, though 4kids is partly to blame too for ruining One Piece in America.....Nintendo sucks too for Region locking so i cant play it anyway if i wanted to import either. This game would be so awesome to get though, Portable One Piece! I still have some hope we might get it.

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Does an English trailer mean there is going to be an American release? Please let it be so.

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i love one piece i cant wait