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This week we check out Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, Far Cry 2, Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World, Wii Music, and more! Also, we take one final look at the Tokyo Game Show 2008 and give away stuff from the event.

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Pretty good.

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Nice episode!

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[ripped] gamespot needs to hire me!! this guy called kid goku kid gohan in dragonball lol the only gohan that existed was grandpa gohan, and he wasn't even a saiyan!!

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Yeah...the DBZ guy really shouldnt have been selected. Despite not knowing how to play the game, he was soo off when comparing it to B3. ugh...i havent played the game and i know this was a bad evaluation

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This man.... Is an idiot... Try hiring someone that actually knows what the hell they are talking about...

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Can you say: Idiot? The guy representing DBZ isn't anyone's 'Goku guy'. First off, it's Kid GOKU climbing the damn tower. He said it himself that it was from Dragonball. Gohan wasn't in Dragonball. Moron. Second, it's pronounced Go-han. As in, Han Solo. And Wtf was with the way he said Raditz?? I really gotta complain on this part: He just made it seem like they remade Budokai 3. BS. Yeah, it's the same fighting generater, graphics, and such, but Bodokai 3 had NO cinimatics whatsoever. That's wat sets this game apart from Budokai 3 and why I want it so bad.

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ahh.. yeah, right.

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the guy dosen't have a clue about naruto lol

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wow they remade budikai 3 exactlty the same and this guy keep saying raditz name wrong

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What's up with the constant Electro-Trash music being used in videos and as background music, do we really need to be subjected to this? Get some better tunes, my ears are hurting, Dang!

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all aboard the fail boat!!! officially the worst DBZ speaker/demonstrater gamespot could have possibly hired to do that presentation. RAIIIDITZ? kid GOHAN?! C'mon, get it together man!

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I hope they don't delay the release date for Nartuo again... because I can't wait to play it! :)

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I'm not gonna vote, I'm gonna be too busy playing NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HAHA! The "Goku" guy? Right...kid doesn't even know the difference between Gohan, who never climbed Korin's tower, and kid Goku. I also wish that there were some better moves and more improvements from Budokai 3...o well, guess we'll see how the game turns out. At least we get Janemba and Pikon.

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aaaaannnnd time to order this today...so awesome!

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mount Rushmore of ninjas XD

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lol...scorpion versus the joker... that's really really bad...

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tree leaf village lol

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Naruto is gonna be Aaaawwweeessssoooommmmeee!!!!! I played the demo with a friend for around an hour...Thats how much I loved it, AND ITS THE DEMO!! Full games gonna be sooooooo sick. Japanese voices also makes it great but the show didnt show some of the chakra normal moves like chakra dash and chakra shurriken, also a bit disappointing that the "Final Stand" powerup moves werent shown when you held chakra charge on your last bar of health. Hiyoal :p

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Wow, got some serious deja vu from the DBZ game

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"ray-dits" Seriously, he's the "Dragonballz guy" B.s. much?

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nice remake of budokai 3 with better graphics... That's kid goku on the loading screen and the guy said Raditz's name wrong

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naruto's graphics look real..

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wwe 2009

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What ever happened to Button Mashing? This is one of the few things they ever show live.

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o is that more..no never mind its just some old dudes taking pictures of japaneses chicks...lol

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omg lol the loading screen for the naruto is funny if you pic sasuke as u and lee for support looks like lees smashing sasukes face in and his expression lol

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WTF!?!? the guy says the graphics in DBZ IW is be then Bodukai 3!??! there the freakin same...

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thats kid goku on the load screen you dumb bastard

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this may seem like a remake of budokai 3, but with more characters and a better story mode and shin budokai like game play. i see this as a good successor to budokai 3.

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Wow.. they pretty much remade budokai 3? What a cop out. For the love of God, give it a rest with this series.