Oculus Plus Virtuix Omni Treadmill Equals Holodeck - CES 2014

Holodeck version 1.0 combines Virtual World Web, Oculus Rift, and Virtuix Omni treadmill.

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Yeah it is a holodeck bar the crappy sound of your shoes on the plastic base.

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I go to work and put in 10hr days of "physcial" activity I don't need a gaming jungle gym for my home thanks.

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Actually, this is a good idea, now I'll be able to exercise while playing games, so other people won't call gaming useless

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@kik4444 We already have Wii Fit U. How much more exercise can we get?

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Fat people beware lol

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Looks like one of the rigs at the old arcade in the mall. This look ridiculous and a lot of work to set up.

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They'll need to come out with a plus size version in America.

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that's so tight.

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I wonder if gamers en-mass will ever take that huge leap from sitting on the couch to actually having to move their asses.

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@GreySeven I'd rather travel.

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@sunbeam4 I'd rather go to the gym. It's probably cheaper.

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That setup makes gaming look very tiring. I'm too lazy to get that immersed in my games.

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That name.