Nyan Cat Redeemer Craziness and more in Unreal Tournament 3 Random Encounter Highlights

Mix a Nyan Cat and a Redeemer in Unreal Tournament 3 and what do you get? A nuclear nyan cat explosion of awesomeness. Watch as Danny goes on a rampage!

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2 birds with one basket, whole other kettle of ballpark LOL!!!!

I only played UT when it came out in like 1999 but haven't touched the series since.

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That's why I don't have a mortgage, love it!! How about one of the Red Alert/Command & Conquer games sometime? Keep up the good work Danny!

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Hey Danny. You should play Mad Dog McCree or Who Shot Johnny Rock?. It seems right up your alley for your show.

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You so crazy, Danny. What's with the "hold mah dіck" thing you've all of a sudden started saying constantly? Danny found a new favourite phrase?

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Ah yes, fantastic game (series) and you just went up a bunch of respect points for your skill, style and knowledge. *imagine a thumbs up icon of some sorts*