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GameSpot's Randolph and Jonathan head back to the land of Ragnarok Online, now with a bingo-esque reward system, class specialization, and even more spider genocide than before.

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when i play it there is a crazy color glitch can someone help me

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I can't believe this is a job.

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Trust me guys this game sucks very much much, 1 its graphically outdated 2 gameplay sucks since you can't build your character specific roles e.g critical assasins/hunters/knights/etc or tanker or WoE/PvE/PvP/PvM type which really is a big let down , unlike the first release of RO1 which had really a HUGE IMPACT on what role your character will be but RO2??? f*ck there aint any but just generic builds even the WISDOM stat is useless...

So to anyone outthere who wants to try this trash and already played the RO1, well i bet you you'll get bored and go back to RO1 gameplay and technicality wise and i don't give a f*ck about graphics...

Maybe newbies may get attracted to this due to it's simplicity/non technical character/item builds but meh, i'll just stick to RO1 or go play DRAGON NEST...

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There's no war of emperium?

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class thing sounds like luna online and tabula rasa

if they release a EU version and decide to release it via a company like aerie or perfect world you can guarantee they"ll **** it up

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@jessie82 The European version will be handled by gravity themselves from the looks of it.

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/facedesk another one of these. I'm really struggling to pay attention to this video after having played Guild Wars 2 and Rusty Hearts.

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I guess if its got a wilderness its a WoW clone, i suppose nothing will ever be developed with a wilderness that isn't stamped as some WoW clone. Really, besides mmo's there were RPG's and WoW just rips from both. Relating to mechanics is one thing but just shooting games down because they're a "Clone" when actualy not is just bad. I gotta say that i havn't been wowed by anything from this game, yet.. and probably never.

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looks like the developers are going to have a tough time... (just saying)... looks like all the RO 1 fans hate the sequal, and anyone not familiar with the original, likes the sequal... btw, those that say its a "clone" or "copy" (whatever) of WoW; "isn't imitation, the greatest form of flatury"... star wars bf series was practically a clone of battlefield and medal of honor a clone/competitor of CoD... WoW has never appealed to me but this games light atmosphere does ("to each there own" i suppose)... i think this game will be a very nice game for the younger generation... but for those that want a mmo thats "more indepth";might be interested in "age of wushu"...

i hope this game DOES go well, because it looks fun... as i said it'll be a great game for the younger gamers in their first mmo (after all isn't that what the RO1 fans were)

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@Darthrocker The reason why people are complaining is because this game is just another mindless korean-esque MMO clone, there's nothing new to it that you cannot find in another 100 more games like this one...

This game could've received a better reception, had it been released 6 years ago or so...

Sorry, but it's the truth. Ragnarok Online 2 sucks, and there are much better games, old games if I may add, that are much better than this cheap sequel.

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@Darthrocker I agree....

Most of the people who hate the sequel are guys who haven't even tried playing the actual RO2. I just hope those guys gave it a try first before OVER REACTING. =)

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@MiXarnt @Darthrocker You're talking out of you ass... How can you say that everybody hating the sequel hadn't even layed it first?

I did, and this game is just another average Korean MMO

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It looks very generic.

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Why.. just why they are trying to make a WoW clone... They could just recreate the old action-rpg like RO with better engine and new features and mechanics.. Gravitys' just destroying my favorite childhood mmorpg franchise..

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The color look washed out. Maybe its the bad video quality.

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when is it going to release??? i can't wait to play that :) :)

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The waiting is .... forever!

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don knw when RO2 jz no bete serveri think i 14 age until now 23 also no gaming ady

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@haiwei Did you spill coke over your keyboard?

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Aw man, no Novice class? How am I going to get my Super-Novice on, now?

Also, nice meshes. I didn't even recognize it as Unreal Engine. No texture pop-in.

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I hope they got porings.

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XD The BETA TEST WAS GREAT! I thought it was boring at first since I'm accustomed to the old RO, and RO2 looked like a "Same old MMORPG" but when I actually tried it, I REALLY REALLY ENJOYED PLAYING IT! There are many new features and great challenges, Also the party function is really good and COOL unlike back then! The sense of humor in the game was also great too, things that do not actually happen in games now happens, (like jumping in a very high mountain can kill you.) XD I really cant wait for the OBT this december.

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@MiXarnt Really? I looks like RO has been raped into WoW, with the zones, quests, cooldowns, and stringent level requirements on things. I'm sure I'll try out the open beta, but I'm honestly not expecting much. The original RO was so different than most other MMOs. I really liked that about it, since I can't stand standard themepark MMOs. However, I will say that I like the graphics better than the average anime-themed MMO.

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@poster012 Yes what I said is true. But I dunno how u will react to it when u tried it, since what I said is only what I felt and what I experience =) ... But like I said I did not actually think I will like it when I first saw it's gameplay until I actually tried it out.

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lol wow I remember when I played RO and saw this was coming out so cool back then, now it just looks boring and the same as the first RO.

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This game came out yearssss ago.. but they never translated it

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Ill Stick to the Old RO Thanks ><

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out with the old...FOREVER!

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finally, it comes a bit too late for me, also doesnt seem to add anything new or different, still im glad rag 2 is coming

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"WOW!! This is awesome, and the graphics are just unbelievable" is what I would have said if this game came out 7 years ago...

Ragnarok Online is the first MMO I've ever played and all I can say is Ragnarok II is nothing but another generic in a sea of generic JRPG MMO that doesn't stand out at all...

Was hoping for a trip down memory lane, but this seems to be a hard left through shit avenue and straight down boring thanks but no thanks Gravity's WAY too little and WAY too late...

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WoW this is nothing like the other one. You guys trying to trick us with the name??

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I`m....I`m sorry but this is not the ragnarok i grew up with.......

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lol this has nothing to do with Ragnarok

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I already miss the merchant class.

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My god...I haven't even heard anything about Ragnarok Online 2 since they showed that messy-looking version with the tiny 3D characters. It really looked nothing like the original Ragnarok Online...then again the original Ragnarok Online looked nothing like the manwha it was based off of. I remember reading that when I was in middle school and obsessed with all that manga and anime stuff. Too bad the artist stopped working on it for the game.

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Looks better than the first.

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Tried the CBT...

Quite different from the RO we know....But story line are very clear...until i felt i'm playing some square enix RPG rather than MMOs...

And they put in a level cap for experience (not item)...basically me lvl17 kill something level 27 and get 2 exp only

Meaning that you're basically tied to the story line as you high level tank for easy levelling anymore..

Basically its a totally unknown world for 55millions ex-RO players out there ecept for Item names, ride, town name & skill name and you'll find it hard to accept that Blessing only gives 15% max hp to party member only...but u'll get used to it quite fast. Good for bringing back memories...

Overall gaming experience for 1 week CBT...not bad but i doubt it will be half as success as the 1st RO due to the lack of freedom especially the complicated card & elemental system of the original RO. No more 680k sonic boom dmg my friend...

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now ragnarok is some flyff clone =/

why not just evolve the graphics using the same old cute lil sprites in 3d world?!

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noooo this is not ragnarok anymore

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When will it stop. All these mmo are destroying the game industry. Instead of a good single player game they make crappy mmo that have NO story terrible gameplay and you have to pay for them. Instead of making a great game they make a crappy game so that they can earn more money by asking you to pay every month for exclusive content that should be free.

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Its gonna be F2P and $$ on the cash item...the normal trend where you will end up spending much more than a monthly fee like last time.

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Boring and one of the same... not for me

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man I remember playing ragnarok back when it was free!

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Some players are saying that the graphics is not the best but otherwise it is entertaining. I am currently playing ball games and pool.

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I am not really impressed by this.

Compared to the original which was actually entertaining, this just looks like your everyday F2P Korean MMO trying to emulate WoW's gameplay. I woulda gone with RO1's isometric style with updated visuals rather than this.

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No, I take it back. This looks like another WoW copy with mediocre presentation.

Developers should've stuck with isometric hack and slash MMORPG just like the first Ragnarok, it truly was one of the best Action RPGs ever created and this just isn't it. Why didn't they see potential in isometric perspective ...

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give it a try...oh...CBT closed & OBT on 27thits actually quite entertaining when you get a hang on the control system...

But do expect everyone will be as powerful as you more waiting boss respawn...

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@Sardinar You can indeed play it in isometric view. Its camera is flexible: you can zoom in and out and even adjust the angle until it's exactly like the original RO.

Sometimes I preferred to play in the aforementioned isometric perspective to easily overview the action that's happening (I'm a priest you see~ Mostly during party-based boss battles)

Other times I can play in Third-person =) (when leveling alone)

Now just lack a FPS perspective (like Skyrim's flexible TPS & FPS perspective)


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@Phinea Okay ,thanks :)

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