No More Arkham Games; Unannounced Bethesda Game Coming This Year - GS News

Cliff Bleszinski's Lawbreakers reports shockingly low player numbers, and what game is Bethesda releasing this year?

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    Bethesda can be damned for all I care now.

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    Way too many of these MP type games out and coming one after the other. There's no time to play but one or two and really focus on them. Then you've got all the other great non MP only games to play out there. No surprise!

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    This is the best news show!

    Thank you for doing a job.

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    Rocksteady have said they didn't want to do another Arkham game. That's probably why there won't be another one.

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    That sucks. Even Arkham Knight was better than any other batman game outside of Asylum & City. I can't believe some of these devs can go on to make sequels to trash, yet these guys make masterpieces & get the project ripped from under them. That game had lots of great DLC, too, & acted like a legit season pass should. I really hope Rocksteady gets something amazing to work on. I hate when good devs aren't utilized, then later when an EA wants to buy them & push out the back catalogs or something to cash in on them, we get Andromeda. Very sad news.

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    @twztid13: So they decide to not milk a series, at least for a while (absolutely eventually they will bring the thing back, whether that will be the abysmal killing blow or not we will see) and that causes grief too?

    The bunch was superb but really about the next thing they could do is go the comic route and start killing/resurrecting/changing personality/Batman2/etc kind of mess.

    Instead they could do a good Superman, a good Matrix or perhaps something all new.

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    @twztid13: Arkham knight was not that good. I agree they should make another Arkham game hopefully in line with City and Asylum with a better story. Knight's story and bat mobile were subpar

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    @dhaynes25: You can't honestly come close to saying it was bad, though. I wish the Batmobile parts were optional (then, no one would have played them, lol), but by no means was that so egregious that the franchise should be abandoned, particularly by Rocksteady. Can you name a Batman game that wasn't made by rocksteady that was better than Arkham knight?

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    @twztid13: Batman: Arkham Origins was very underrated. Rocksteady dropped the ball in story and the Batmobile. I am a huge Batman fan. The combat was tight and the graphics were gorgeous. The tedious batmobile and the story was off in my opinion. The boss battles were bad and I like to see them go back to the previous Batman formulas with his rogue gallery and with Batgirl, Robin and Nightwing. Some guest appearances from the JL.

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    Hold off on elder scrolls. Even though I pre-ordered Skyrim and DLC's, I'm still in White Run due to all the mods and side quests the game has to offer. I've yet to visit the elders on the mountain lol

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    Why are people still playing that pos of a TES game?

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    @scarred_fox: I've been thinking about re playing Skyrim (have hundreds of hours never beat the game) and you're comment made me decide to do it. Thanks.

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    @scarred_fox: Yes, I finished it recently at last and it took me almost 500 hours to complete the game... without mods.

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    It wasn't MrMattyPlays that did the interview, it was Tek Syndicate. I'm expecting it to be a mobile game or Fallout 4 on the Switch. The chances of me getting what I actually want are really low (new BGS RPG), but Fallout 4 on Switch would be cool.

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    @Iamkalell: A new BGS RPG would be too f*cking good. But, like you, I'm not going to get my hopes up.

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    Bethesda will work on game of thrones rpg game :p . No wonder that rocksteady will not make a arkham game since they ended up arkham knight pretty badly.

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    @altairdarius: That would be so cool!!!