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Doesn't look too bad actually. At least this was finally added into the game as promised from 2 years ago. I guess all the lies have been reversed now? Should Sean Murray be forgiven?

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Looks like more of the same, but truly online. If you enjoyed the base game I can see this giving people a reason to come back but personally...? I still think the same as I did before the game came out. There's a whole lot of exciting things to look at but not much to really do. Doing nothing, but with friends, doesn't sound much better to me.

Without a narrative or side activities or something I can't see this going any differently than the first time.

At this point they may as well be lazy and make it another battle royale game. I don't even like battle royale games but a space battle royale comprised of multiple, randomly generated planets? That actually sounds fun.

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OH boy, this trailer. They know how to make them don't they. Reminds me of the first one where planets seemed full of life, everything on screen at the same time when in reality we know that's not how it works.

They show the freighters arriving in space, looks cool but we know that in reality that serves no purpose, it's just an animation that runs forever.

They show the ship flying around, in the most basic way, it has no features, they show no awesome combat, it's as simple as you can get.

They show you on a space station with a frog but of course we know that npcs are the most boring and cookie cutter things in the game, with no life or personality and repeat everywhere.

They try not to show any repeated assets when we know that we don't go very long without finding another becon or base or whatever that repeats and repeats.

They don't show you constantly finding animals that have no AI, that repeat, that serve no purpose, it's like everything is new and fresh every second in the trailer.

But hey, now you can see other people, yay.

Let's be honest. They stuck with the game, they added a lot to the game, the game is now ready for a launch in it's current state when back when it was just in alpha and I'm sure that lots will have some fun with it, there's plenty to do, it's not that bad. I'd give it a 7/10 because it does not excel on any point except the procedural making of a whole universe which is basically irrelevant for gameplay. At this point it has a nice skeleton, a good structure of systems that could be used to make an awesome game with a good direction. But coming back to this type of trailer that basically makes it look like more than it is just irks me.

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@moriwenne: I disagree. I think they have done it this time. There is 7 days before this release, they know not to scorn their players with smoke and mirrors from the launch 2 years ago. I think you need to read the feature list again. No limitations to where you build bases, the frog you think you saw in a space station was actually a frigate that you can fly with your friends or send to other parts of the system to gather resources.

I could go on but you really need to take a closer look and let the past go.

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@frodo232323: I still agree with moriwenne assessment of it being a 7/10 game at the moment. Which isn't that bad. Hopefully, they might take a pass at polishing the game more. i.e. better AI, storytelling, missions, etc. I think it wholly possible to bring this up to an 8 or 8.5 out of 10 game. Completely depends on where Sean is at in his head and whether they are working on something new now and can't devote the resources to it. It has now, for all intents and purposes, become feature complete and the team really don't owe us for any further development other than bug fixes and maybe optimizations. As is always, we shall see.

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@geminij13: This was all very ranty of course due to past wrongs that were committed. Above all I like fairness and I shall wait for it to come out and assess it better then. A more informed opinion is forthcoming.

I'll say this though, if they keep going as they are going, they might have an awesome game really worth checking out in year or so.