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The No Man's Sky Next update adds multiplayer to PS4, Xbox One, and PC next week, and the Monster Hunter/Final Fantasy 14 crossover is happening soon.

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[I wrote this elsewhere in response to someone who thought that Hello Games and specifically Sean Murray, should be given a break on having lied to us about the gameplay of No Man's Sky]

You are correct about Sean and his team putting in the mechanics and gameplay elements that were promised to us when the game was being pitched to every known outlet to drive the hype and sell the game within the launch week. I'm not blind to that fact. In a few days time, all that was supposed to be in the game at launch will be in the game two years later. But it is more than that. It sets a precedent. Where a games company; Indie or not, can say and show whatever they like prior to release to drive sales. Completely crush it on day one monetization of their game and we find out 20 hours into the game that nothing of what they showed and told are in the game. And if there is no backlash on that, wonderful, the marketing team has done their jobs perfectly. And if there is, the company is ready to walk back on the stuff they showed and said, with a "...we'll make it right..." answer. They just wait for which end of the pitchfork they get stabbed by and do the appropriate thing. But it is the morality, and Sean Murray's morality more to the point, of the situation here that stings me the most. The fact that he KNEW he was putting out this 1/4 baked game to a public that was pre-ordering it like crazy and stalking their local shops waiting for it to hit shelves is the crux of my argument here. At what depth does he have to reach down for to grab onto something that allows himself to feel good about doing that? How far past all the things that we've been taught about the right way to go about being a good person from our parents, close family and educators did he shield his gaze from as he published this game with the now famous "We have GONE GOLD" photo? And this is where I make my stand. On the morality of it. Not on the fact that he has made amends by putting in the content that should have been there two years ago. He has not atoned for his sins in my eyes. The most that I can give him is that at least he didn't put the blame on Sony. But he never did confess that he lied to the fans of his work. And that would have gone a long way for me.

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