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No Man's Sky Fractal Update Lets You Be Darth Vader | GameSpot News

No Man's Sky Fractal update adds PSVR2 support and new items, and a bunch of PlayStation 5 games are on sale.

With the launch of PSVR2 comes a new update for No Man’s Sky adding VR2 support, but just as importantly, a bevy of new features, so even if you don’t have your hands on Sony’s slick new hardware, there’s still new content in the game to be enjoyed.

Like with any big No Man’s Sky update, this one has a very cool name: Fractal. The standout feature is integration with PSVR2, adding haptic feedback features that take advantage of the new hardware's Sense controllers, up to 4K resolution when exploring the galaxy, and other gameplay enhancements unique to the Sony headset.

Increased draw distance, denser foliage, terrain tessellation, and reflections are some of the new visual options that users can expect, which are complemented by intelligent tracking, headset vibrations, and 3D audio support.

Developer Hello Games does say that the VR experience across the board has been improved, so those playing with on PC with a PC based VR headset will also see some improvements, including better personal forcefield controls that allow for more intuitive options to deflect enemy attacks, revamped target sweep and hotspot surveying controls for the analysis visor, and several other quality-of-life updates.

Beyond the core VR update, there's also a new Utopia Speeder starship to collect. This spacecraft has increased travel speed when exploring a planet's surface and can be obtained by completing all of the Utopia Foundation assignments. There's also a new Fearsome Visor to unlock for your spacesuit, which definitely doesn't look like it was stolen from Darth Vader's armory. You can even get a drone companion, as well as other rewards as part of the new campaign.

Like every previous No Man’s Sky update, Fractal will be free for anyone that already owns the game.

If you did manage to snag a PSVR2 headset, and need some games to test it out, Gran Turismo 7 is currently discounted to $40, the game having just launched full VR capability. Drive every car and race on every track in the virtual world, but even if you aren’t picking up a headset, this is a great deal for a great game regardless.

If you’ve been watching HBO’s excellent adaptation of The Last of Us, but haven’t pulled the trigger on the original game’s gorgeous PS5 rerelease, The Last of Us Part I can now be picked up for just $50, a $20 discount from when the game launched last September.

Other notable discounts include Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart for $30, Death Stranding Director's Cut for $20, Horizon Forbidden West for $30, although the later two are available via the PS Plus Extra and Premium tiers if you’re a subscriber of either of those.

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