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Nintendo Switch's Labo Creations Are Already Crazy - GameSpot Daily

The first wave of custom Nintendo Labo Toy-Cons are pretty inventive, and now we know when Wolfenstein 2 will be coming to Nintendo Switch as well.

The Switch's Nintendo Labo has creative people spinning with ideas, and some of them are a little mind-blowing. You see, Labo's Toy-Con Garage lets you program controller functions, which can be combined with your own cardboard for some unique contraptions. One particular player even made bongos, similar to the ones used to play the Gamecube classic Donkey Konga.

Another person made a device that detects how many objects have been thrown into a hat, while a handful of others have used the RC Car's auto-follow option to play with their cats. Labo inventions headline today's episode of GameSpot Daily, in which we cover the top stories in 30 minutes or less.

In other Switch news, Wolfenstein II now has a release date for the Nintendo platform. It hits at the end of June for $60, and if you're worried it'll be censored due to appearing on a Nintendo console, then fear not: it's the "complete, uncensored" game. Unfortunately, however, the game is capped at 30 FPS no matter how you play it, and you'll have to download a file of an unknown size to play it.

And what would a day in the video game industry be without some battle royale news? Fortnite's latest patch added two new weapons, one of which came to the last-person-standing mode. The Clinger is a sticky grenade that uses a plunger to *cling* to the environment. It's an uncommon item found in pretty much everything: floor loot, supply drops, supply llamas, and treasure chests.

As for the other big battle royale shooter, PUBG players on Xbox One can expect an opportunity to test out the desert map Miramar soon. Starting April 25, a new PUBG Test Server will be available from the Xbox Store. That's what you'll need to test out the new map, which is set for release in May. There will be set times to play between April 25-29, so be sure to watch today's episode to find out when.

We've also got the latest Destiny 2 news, in addition to Samsung's new line of SSDs, which it claims is its fastest yet. Yes, that's what you'll find in this episode, but be sure to tune in every day of the week at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST/7PM BST/4 AM AEST for another episode of GameSpot Daily. We cover the most exciting gaming news in 30 minutes or less or we'll be chased off by a giant Labo RC car.

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