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having 'interesting' relationships with 3rd party developers goes back to the n64.

it's not a GameCube , Wii u, or Wii thing.

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I want AAA standar games. Unless more of those come to switch, Ill skip a Nintendo console again...

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Here's my impression and why I opted for pre-ordering it:


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Hoping Minecraft at launch. These are typical launch titles, but Zelda and Mario are must buys at launch, first since Super Nintendo. Having these strong titles at launch may make an impact.

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"the games running quite well on the Switch" : we are talking about Sonic and Bomberman here! ;)

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Ugh that damn psuedo 4 button dpad. I'd love this to play 2d indie games on the go but that thing is a real drag.

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@Naylord: was thinking this. Stardew, Undertale, and others like them would be great on the Switch.

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300 bucks to play a 20 year old Sonic game .... geez

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Third party developers know where the money is on Nintendo Switch: Retro games, childhood memories. Ultra Street Fighter, Sonic Mania, Bomberman... Now it should be just a matter of time for Konami to announce Symphony Of The Night or a new Contra for the Switch (let's keep our fingers crossed).

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Compare those to the launch 3rd party games for the Wii U such as Mass Effect 3, AC 3, Black Ops 2, Darksiders 2, Batman.

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@Nintendo_Man: And none of those games sold as they all were many months old by then...

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Better than naomi

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@Kraken28: Considering the NAOMI board is nearly 20 years old, I'd hope it's better!

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Whoever does the Sony marketing needs fired. I'm soooo sick of seeing the same live action ads! Just show the games!

Really stoked for the Switch. I'm thankful I was lucky enough to get one and had the money to pay for it.

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When will the ads for this crap stop?

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@Gomtor: Probably once the metrics Gamespot has on hand show that people aren't reading about it any more. Until then, you ride the hot hand.

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@zmanbarzel: Many people have a vicious hatred for Nintendo. They have a much different fan base than PS4 or Xbox One. Nintendo fans do not want to play the first-person shooters, action-adventure games or playable movies which are the rage of PS4 and Xbox One fans. They prefer whimsical games more the style of the 1980s, puzzle or that use different control schemes.

There are MORE Nintendo-type gamers than there are PS4 and Xbox One gamers. Why do the PS4/Xbox One crowd want to slam these people? Because they're not 'hard core' enough? It makes no sense. Let people like what they want.

You must include handheld consoles like the Nintendo DS/3DS, and phone app sales when including game sales numbers if you think PS4/Xbox One are the leaders. Hate to break it to you, they're not. The 3DS alone has sold more than the PS4.

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@bbtrinet: the last guardian , gravity Rush , stardew valley , just three that are whimsical and diverse .....

And 3ds has been out way longer then ps4 , and how many 3ds were re sold to the same people who upgraded to the XL or brought one of those special edition versions

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@bbtrinet: ok, but nintendo Will do they same again.... Just for the core fans. I want a console for both types of games. Unless there is a better 3rd party AAA games support, Ill not buy it.

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@bbtrinet: PS4 just crossed 50 million. Xbox One crossed 25 million. WiiU is stagnant at 13 million. So no. In terms of consoles Nintendo is bottom of the barrel unless you count the Ouya.

3DS has 60 million because it functionally had no competition in the handheld market due to Sony botching the Vita on the international stage. Japan loved Vita. Basically no one else did. Also comparing the PS4 and Xbox One to the 3DS is some real bull. Completely different markets.

Also fun fact, by your own logic Sony is right on Nintendos heels in terms of total gaming market share. Sony is at 64 million PS4/Vita. Nintendo is at 75 million WiiU/3DS.

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@bbtrinet: ??? Are you sure you're posting this in the right thread, or to the right previous comment?

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Really good impressions. Its been hard trying to decide what to get because everything looks so good. Im loving the diversity. Zelda, Bomberman R, 1, 2 Switch, and Snipperclips are ones im eyeing so far. The other games look pretty cool too.

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@iandizion713: Yep, Zelda looks awesome and the 1-2 Switch are a great idea, too bad that they don't pack them in and they sell them separately :/.

I hope they'll make a new F-Zero and a new Mario Party with the joy cons mechanics

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@isariamkia: You cant really pack 1, 2 Switch in as it requires two players. That would make a bunch of people mad. Its best to just let everyone choose.

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@iandizion713: I didn't even think about that... You're right then but they shouldn't sell them as full game price :/

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After the first couple of waves of third party games you will start to see a huge decrease

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@thecman25: It´s impossible to see a huge decrease from this tiny list of games. Also except Skyrim, they look like smartphone games (not in the price tag tough).

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@thecman25: Seriously you have no clue. Stop making stuff up and acting like you know everything.

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@Hells_rebelion: Eh, he's just predicting it to play out just like the WiiU it seems. I hope he's wrong, but my dusty WiiU lends credence to that prediction. :(

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@lionheartssj1: He is only hating and being pathetic, it's like predicting that Sony woud lost another 3 billion dollars with PS4 because the lost it with PS3. There is no logic here, only hating, but hey this is gamespot e most anti Nintendo and toxic community ever.

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@thecman25: Why is that? I can only envision more diverse fun games coming. Im hoping can get some fresh coop indie games, etc. Will be a blast.

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its alright but where are call of duty madden etc ,

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@mariokart64fan: Why do you care about Call of Duty on a portable? Especially when the latest COD really really sucked? It was considered the worst one. They announced FIFA. So there is your sports title.

Splatoon is a superior shooter. Would like to see Resident Evil come out for Switch. Battlefield 1 was good if you are going to put a gritty shooter on the thing. Historical shooter.

Digimon World is coming out soon. Personally think it would be good on the Switch.

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@energetic_nova: It´s primarily a home console according to Nintendo. “Nintendo Switch is a home gaming system first and foremost,” the company told Polygon when asked if the system was going to impact the sale of the 3DS portable systems. “We have made no announcement regarding the future of Nintendo 3DS.

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@dani3po: Also according to Nintendo the DS wouldn't replace Gameboy. I really feel they are invalid on this.

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@dani3po: ACCORDING TO ME, you would be an idiot to not use this as your MAIN portable device. It has the same battery life as either the Vita or the 3DS. It has the capability for portable charging. It has the ability for LAN parties. It has improptu multi player with a friend. I don't see how this is not a replacement for both. lol. And this is way better than any portable out there. They just don't want to crush the 3DS peeps. Probably including me because I have 3.

An upgrade from 240p to 720p and way better graphics and you think I am not talking it? With way better portable charging and multiplayer and internet opportunities? ummmm you nuts?

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@mariokart64fan: Assuming that will be ported, probably when they announce it for the other 2 systems