Nintendo Conference 2010 Presentation (English)

Nintendo releases launch details on the 3DS, Wii Remote Plus, the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., and much more at the Nintendo conference 2010 held on 9/29/2010 in Japan.

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Thumbs up if you tried to drag the video slider inside the video

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Forgot to say before: Localize The Last Story on the U.S.!!! XD

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you guy do know that this pokemon is update they made it look better and made more things to do and i dont like pokemon game i agree they arre the same thing over and over

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Another new pokemon game.. this is getting really annoying... are ALL of the pokemon new?

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Pokemon White will be set in the wilderness, while Pokemon Black will be set in the urban areas...

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man, kids are just too addicted to pokemon, that they cant realize all the faults in the game

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this is just the same thing for every pokemon game. Same annoying top view. bad graphics, annoying music, annoying sound fx, same exact story! and only for the DS. Cmon! You guys can do better than that!

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The DS was without a doubt my favorite handheld and I'm really excited about the 3DS. Not just the screen, but the Mii integration, StreetPass, AR games not to mention all the fun little software quirks... and that's all before you get to the games. Plenty of good games for 3DS but for me personally I can't wait for Super Street Fighter 4 3D... And the street pass communication could be awesome. Take on any challenger's anywhere? Love the idea. Also... Virtual Console!!! No need for a GBA port when you can just download the games and store them on the unit! I think Nintendo are on to another winner... Now they just need to sort out the follow up to the Wii... and make it better this time...

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHH 250$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I feel that diamond and pearl were rushed as it went to little kids, but in Black and White they try their best to make it better than any pokemon game. As for HeartGold and SoulSilver, people got it for nostalgia and new stuff that's great. Maybe Black and White will be the best game ever.

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Racist game

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Yes, yes! 3-D-S! ... So I'm sure Pokemon Black & White will be great, but wouldn't it be better if the entire Pokemon development team focused ALL of their energies on ONE game at a time in stead of two? What if they came out with Black at the beginning of 2011 and released White later on in the year? I'm no marketing expert, but I think that could 1)allow them to make the games even better than they already are, 2)increase the excitement for each title, and 3)increase sales for each pokemon title that's released (I usually only pick one from each set, and i know i'm not the only one). It's just a question. What do you guys think?

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I think Black and White will be the best Pokemon games so far :) I hope.

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@PunkOZ Eh....I wouldn't go that far...

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i was speaking overall not because 3 or 4 games are awesome it means that the whole wii games selection is great

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Sports mix has wifi? YAY!

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@darkmaster1992 are you blind? didnt you notice the amount of awesome games they showed at E3? Plus there's Galaxy 2, Monster hunter Tri and allot of other awesome games

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I'm sad that I sold my DS to get $50 off my DSi. Now I can't trade mah Blazeikin to Diamond! :'(

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They should make better games for the wii

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Now i want to buy the 3DS unlike the DS XL or the DSi

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I've got my eye on 3DS. I'm still keeping my DSlite, though. Gotta have my GBA games! :D

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"Proposition for its penetration" Lmao

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@riariases Not sure if there's much weight to that. I think it was the Epic games people that said recently that they couldn't run the Unreal Engine on the ds because of hardware constraints. Not sure how credible that is, but it sounds pretty accurate compared to what I've seen from the system so far. I think it'll be better than the Wii, but still fairly far from 360/ps3 quality graphics. Either way, it's definitely impressive.

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He seemed puzzled about why 3rd party software wasn't selling well on Nintendo systems. The reason is because mutli-format releases are usually inferior or different on the Wii, and Nintendo makes a lot more 1st party titles than other platform holders.

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Argh, why didn´t they choose a better translator for Mr. Iwata? His voice is annoying and I hate the way he says width and depth. Sooo... Anyways, defintively going to get 3DS on day one =)

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I really cant wait till we come out with it all in like 4-D all around! (with wi-fii) =/ how long will that take? will I be dead by then? cause I know games have come a longggg way. 4-d holographs!!!! >;D

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OMG MMO! I WOULD LURVVVEEEEEEEE~ like multi with more than 1,000 players. I hope they have demos in stores for 3ds. wait this 3-d..... looks alot like PSP 3-D I wonder if they will make glasses for it. It's like a Frankenstein of DS, wii, and PSP.... If it plays online movies (like youtube) though I would be more then happy to buy.

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3ds AR tech + GPS, then add an MMO game that you can play utilizing your environment, and play anywhere, at anytime

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@mariomaker26 Crap... well atleast Golden Sun is on the horizon.

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@wolflink001 its going to b released in spring like HG and SS were

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When are they going to announce the US release date for Pokemon Black & White??? They should have announced it long time ago!

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3ds will be the console i play forever

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I can't picture a 10 year old kid walking around on the streets with one of these machines, they're really expensive. Someone could easily just jack it from them.

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It's smaller than the DSi XL.. They're really pushing strong with some great titles, both remade and brand new. (Zelda, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Mega Man Legends, Kingdom Hearts) Really makes me want to buy a 3DS right off the bat. I might wait for a redesign/new model. Of all the Nintendo models, the second model is notorious for having the most improvements over its predecessor.

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one of the best conferences i have watched I can't wait for 3D

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I can think of at least 6 titles I'd buy for the 3DS... and it won't come out yet for another 4 1/2 months!

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caaaantt wait!?

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pre ordering it as soon as i can >.

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Xbox Three Hundred and Sixty.

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No wonder this thing has a supposed 'high' price tag... it has so many functions!! It has everything almost!

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I want the 25th Mario Anniversary pack... such memories...

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@aquafloe AHAHAHA! Jabba the freakin hut!

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Sounds like there will be a lot of future Editor's Choice Awards in the future.

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i found the presentation really awfull to say the least, the new footage is cool. but the endless talk without alot showcases. and the way to serieus "presidental" talk. Really really less new footage besides some boring minions that show how to connect with other devices etc. What i wanna know is raw information, not endless talk about how this and this can work out. i want to know is there a demo platform, what specs the 3ds got. what we can aspect. and new footage of movies etc.

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pretty much all i heard from that was "KH 3D is coming out, if you're a fan go buy the console. you know you can't resist" am i right?

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180 mirrion?! Dassa rot!

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Wow, one of the worst demo's for a "new" product I've ever seen. Spend 1/2 the video showing how the 3DS interact's meaninglessly with other 3DS's. The only game they show is the 7 year old Nintendogs? The pitiful camera feature and finally 5 seconds of semi 3d footage from MGS. I'm not sure what they are selling, but it is no better then my DSI dice big N.

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good console

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I can't wait for this to be released. I want one NOW lol.