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A super smash bros 3D, an F- Zero 3D and a Megaman X3-D would be great, too!

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This is beyond awesome . And to think , In thy future they may have better stuff then this :|

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Cool. Definitely gonna get it either way. :)

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@RYUU-DRAKO, nah not really dude as you probly no theres a slider on the side to turn the 3D off or to boost it apart from that all you need to do is tilt the 3DS side to side / up and down untill you hit the sweet spot for you (my girl had a much different angle then me). We both liked it heaps, so much better then i thought it would be. Even with the 3D turned off it still looks hectic day 1 buy for me

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Kid Icarus, Ocarina of Time, and Kingdom Hearts. Yes. Yes please.

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@umster really? can you describe the 3d experience? was there any thing that you needed to do in particular to get the 3d to work?

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i was at this event and personaly the 3D didnt hurt my eyes at all i actualy thought it was pretty cool cant wait to get one

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Maybe this game will pave the way for a 3D version of Tatsunoko vs Capcom or Marvel vs Capcom 3D. . .

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Ocarina of Time, Kingdom Hearts 3D, and maybe Kid Icarus. That really all I'm looking forward to.

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@Sphenodonta That would be cool if Link found a crossbow in OOT as a bonus weapon.

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I went on Amazon this morning to pre-order the 3DS and have to say looking at the launch line up, there is nothing worth buying. I will wait until Ocarina of Time 3D comes out, and then I will buy it. Im hoping they remake Luigi Mansion in 3D or Majoras Mask.

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Ninten..Cats and Dogs, if that's what it's actually called. Eyes hurt in less than 3 minutes, wanted game to end. Crossbow on Zelda. Wow :\

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Me on Splinter Cell 1. I see a guy * nonlethal takedown* 2. repeat step 1 until I actually have to kill a guy 3. Silence pistol snipe guy I have to kill

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Haven't seen much of Splinter Cell

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I want Nintendogs+Cats!

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>.> Link never had a crossbow in OoT...