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Kenshin0011 - I can't agree with you more!! I don't have it, but I played with it for an hour in GameStop, and it is fun, beautiful, and entertaining.

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I can't wait till everyone has a 3DS and streetpass is common:D

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The 3DS cannot be judged by ANYONE unless they have bought it and experienced it. And not just playing a demo at a store, actually going through all its built in features, and abilities, it's amazingly outstanding. Each time I thought I just saw the most amazing and insane thing, I was again mind f**** with the next. I feel like there's so much in it, and yet there's still so much missing soon to come such as internet browser with ADOBE FLASH and netflix, and the e-shop. Anyway, about the 3D, all I have to say is that it's not a gimmick. It's just not. Also, DO NOT compare it to 3D movies, because it is ENTIRELY different. You will never understand it to be able to criticize its prospects until you use one (just like drugs! ;D). Very unique, and it's something that adds a new category for me in how I will always look at the quality of a games graphics again. Because it doesn't just allow it to "pop it" but it seems like you can "feel" the surroundings with your eyes. Oh, and it hurting your eyes is BS, i think. You're either looking at it wrong, or have it too high. When it comes to the menus, and the ar games, etc, the 3D on all the way doesn't itch AT ALL. Now on pilot wings, 3D all the way up is finicky right at the start so I just put it halfway, and it's still 3D and it's still awesome. NGP looks promising as well, although the only thing it brings to the table is insane graphics....so i'll probably get too, just highly depends on launch titles and price.

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Isaiah's always been a cool guy.

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Go Triforce! Monday-Sunday, that's incredible.