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funny ninja .. worth to play and kill some time

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hahahaha ninja consultant

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The demo of this game was great. I'm not sure about the real game yet. I suggest renting it to see how good it is frist.

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Give it a chance I played it on my DS from the Nintendo channel and so far it is pretty good. Not the best game ever but I would buy it. Anyway we can only wait for the review to know if it is good or bad.

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Is there any other news on this game besides the screens and this video? Surprising seeing that it's release day is the 28th.

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qsce: you saw the screenshots and you deduced that the gameplay is terrible? How?

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awww that looks kyute!! XD

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it looks fun!!

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idiots.....give it a freaking chance.... besides its not even out yet...

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the gameplay is crap i saw the screenshots

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it is crap

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never mind its completely gay

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it looks kinda GAY